[Webinar] Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 14: Tools w/ Scott Albro, Founder and CEO of TOPO

Tom Mohr, CEO of CEO Quest, shares his research-backed insights and pragmatic approach to the design and implementation of your tools stack. Given the explosion of revenue engine tools, it’s not surprising that CEOs — and their marketing and sales leads — find themselves confused about what tools to acquire and what to do with the tools they already have.

Our guest is Scott Albro, Founder and CEO of TOPO, a research and advisory firm that helps sales and marketing organizations achieve scalable revenue growth. Since 2013, TOPO has grown to support over 200 fast moving companies (including Salesforce, Twilio and RingCentral), powering over $20B in revenue. Scott and the team at TOPO are also the innovators behind the Account-Based Everything (ABE) movement, now known simply as “Account-Based.”

This webinar covers material from Chapter 14: Tools in the book Scaling the Revenue Engine, by Tom Mohr. You can read the chapter here.

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