[Webinar] Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 20: Bottom Funnel w/ Ash Damle, CEO at Lumiata and Satish Natarajan, CEO at DispatchTrack

In this webinar, Tom Mohr, CEO of CEO Quest, shares his research-backed insights and pragmatic approach to maximizing closed won sales at Bottom Funnel. You’ll learn:

  • How to bring a prospect from opportunity to closed won at Bottom Funnel
  • The 5 building blocks for a market winning enterprise sales strategy
  • What the most successful account executives — the “Top Guns” — have in common

At Bottom Funnel, effective enterprise selling is a game-changing competency. If one new deal is worth $500,000 or more, 200 could make you a public company. As CEO, it’s on you to build the team capable of making that happen.

Joining us to share their expertise in Bottom Funnel are guests Satish Natarajan, CEO at DispatchTrack, and Ash Damle, CEO at Lumiata.

This webinar covers material from Chapter 20: Bottom Funnel in the book Scaling the Revenue Engine.

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