[Webinar] Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 21: Launch w/ Bob Bausmith, Managing Director at CEO Quest

You just closed another deal. Awesome! Now what? With receipt of a signed agreement, the stopwatch begins on a customer’s satisfaction half-life. Your next steps are vital. To keep satisfaction high, you now must initiate an efficient, successful launch.

In this webinar, Tom Mohr, CEO of CEO Quest, shares his research-backed insights and pragmatic approach to the customer launch. You’ll learn:

  • Why a customer launch is really two launches: the technology and the people
  • How to tightly orchestrate and efficiently execute a customer launch in 6 steps
  • How to create and manage a launch team dashboard

Joining us to share his expertise in customer Launch execution is guest Bob Bausmith, Managing Director at CEO Quest. Bob is passionate about helping talented and mission-driven CEOs of growth-stage tech companies strengthen their leadership effectiveness in building and scaling great businesses.

This webinar covers material from Chapter 21: Launch in the book Scaling the Revenue Engine, by Tom Mohr. You can read the chapter here.

Braden Collum via unsplash.com

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