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Cerberus ($CRBRUS) Airdrop coming to the Cosmos Network

The first-ever three-headed canine meme-coin airdrop is coming to the Cosmos Network. The Cerberus NFT project will follow up the Cerberus mainnet chain launch on March 15, 2022 at 12PM UTC-6. The Cerberus ($CRBRUS) airdrop [pronounced — kur-ber-uhs] will be dropped to those staking\delegating Chihuahua ($HUAHUA), Osmosis ($OSMO), and Cosmos ($ATOM).

Cerberus will be a community lead meme-coin that will allow the community to vote on various proposals on the future use of the coin. The Cerberus blockchain is a completely permissionless blockchain where anyone can join the network and run a validator. The community will have the ability to gain value from the coin by staking Cerberus ($CRBRUS) with validators and liquidity pools. The first planned liquidity pool will be a Cerberus ($CRBRUS)/Chihuahua ($HUAHUA) LP.

In addition, the community will determine future use-cases for the coin via governance proposals submitted by any holder of the Cerberus coin.

Cerberus will have an initial supply of 97 billion coins with 69 billion Cerberus ($CRBRUS 71.13%) being distributed in airdrops to token holders in the Cosmos Universe. The remainder will be allocated to the community pool (11.34%), growth fund (11.34%), and team fund(6.19%). Inflation is set at 43% this could be lowered at a later date via a governance proposal.

Launch Roadmap can be found here at cerberus.zone

Proposed Coin Distribution

Community Pool

11 billion Cerberus ($CRBRUS) coins will be locked into a community pool and allocated for governance proposals voted on by the community.

Growth Fund

11 billion $CRBRUS will be allocated to the growth of the Cerberus ecosystem.

Airdrop Pool

69 billion $CRBRUS will be allocated to airdrops in phases. ATOM, Osmosis and Chihuahua delegators will receive airdrops. We will release more details of the exact airdrop ratio to Chihuahua, Osmosis and ATOM holders as we get closer to the snapshot dates. Snapshot dates are still to be determined. Follow us on Twitter @CerberusZone for the latest updates.

Team fund

6 billion $CRBRUS will be allocated to the team. The first team vest date will occur 6 months after mainnet launch. The team fund will vest over a 36 month/3 year period. The exact vest dates and amounts will be updated here after mainnet launch.

Airdrop Info

There will be two types of airdrops, giveaway airdrops and airdrops to those who stake to validators. Giveaway airdrops are for completing a task, and token airdrops are for those staking tokens in the Cosmos ecosystem. The best way to stay up to date on upcoming giveaway airdrops is to follow us on Twitter @CerberusZone.

Airdrop Distribution

Chihuahua delegators — 27 billion $CRBRUS —Snapshot March 12, 2022 @ 12 AM UTC — March 15, 2022

Osmosis delegators — 20 billion $CRBRUS — Snapshot March 12, 2022 @ 12 AM UTC — May 1, 2022 – 25 million $CRBRUS cap per wallet

Cosmos delegators — 20 billion $CRBRUS — Snapshot March 12, 2022 @ 12 AM UTC — Airdrop Date TBD — 25 million $CRBRUS cap per wallet

The exact ratios of the airdrop will be determined after the snapshots are taken.

Airdrop FAQ can be found here

Giveaway Airdrops

Total 2 billion $CRBRUS

Note that the airdrop will only be available to those who self-custody their assets. This means if you hold your Chihuahua ($HUAHUA), ATOM, or Osmosis ($OSMO) on centralized exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, etc you will not be eligible for the Cerberus $CRBRUS airdrop.


Follow us on Twitter @CerberusZone to stay up to date on when the airdrop will be happening.

Airdrop FAQ can be found here

The tentative Launch Roadmap can be found here at cerberus.zone




A three headed dog meme-coin

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The first three headed canine meme-coin in the Cosmos ecosystem

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