We are releasing our second national survey of real estate investors. Our surveys share unique insights about the U.S. economy, housing market, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Survey Findings

  • The current survey finds real estate investors believe the U.S. economy has quickly rebounded from the economy shutting down, but full economic recovery will be long and slow.
  • Real estate investors believe the economic impact of COVID-19 will be less severe than the U.S. housing crisis in the markets where they invest. Real estate investors are more optimistic now than they were in April.
  • The limited supply of real estate for…

When a family buys a home, closing a mortgage takes 30 to 45 days and takes a lot of time because of onerous paperwork and complex workflows with many hand-offs. If you have gone through this process once, imagine doing it many times a year because you are a real estate investor.

We believe the significant effort to get a loan can only be solved with technology. Lenders that create predictability for borrowers and reduce risk for capital partners will thrive, and that’s what Certain Lending’s products and experience uniquely enable. …

We are releasing a national survey of 569 U.S. real estate investors — first-of-its-kind research into how they believe COVID-19 will impact the U.S. economy, housing markets, and mortgage credit. Click here to download the survey findings in their entirety.

Real estate investors believe COVID-19 will have a very significant but temporary impact on economic growth. According to 80% of respondents, the U.S. economy was experiencing strong or moderate growth six months ago. 18% believe the U.S. is now in a depression. 76% expect the economy will be recovering or growing in 12 months.

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