Introducing: The Airdrop tool

Cerveza token was launched more than one month ago and weโ€™re still overwhelmed by the positive feedback & support we have received from the tezos community! By now you probably now how this project started and why you want to become a brewer.

Now itโ€™s time to introduce our own solution for the tezos community: The airdrop tool.


New token projects often issue airdrops to get initial traction on their tokens. In return, users should advertise the token. Unfortunately, among these early adopters there are professional dusters whose social interaction is 0 because they joined with fake accounts, as an example. Tokens are also often sold immediately, hurting the urgently needed liquidity of the project which is then put at extreme risk. On top of all this, airdrops as an important marketing tool, are creating a lot of overhead, especially if you require your community to promote your project in the first place.

Our solution:

We are developing an airdrop tool for Tezos tokens which will solve multiple problems.

  • Automatic airdrop execution, dealing with failing transactions in an appropriate manner
  • Airdrop participants can be fed in by uploading CSV files (available in first release) or adding a Twitter thread which will then be parsed for Tezos wallet addresses (released later)
  • Weโ€™ll automatically check for duplicates
  • Weโ€™ll automatically check for certain requirements (e.g. must have retweeted, linked the project and 3x other people, must have used #hashtag)

Long term:

  • we also try to identify fake wallets and bad players
  • weโ€™ll add more checks for engagement like Facebook, Instagram, E-Mail Subscription and referrals

This means that liquidity is maintained, the price does not collapse and the token projects receive significantly more qualified early adopters. Fakes and bad players are filtered out.

What this means for $CVZA holders

If you own Cerveza and provide liquidity on Quipuswap youโ€™ll receive liquidity pool tokens (LPs) which can then be staked in our ฬถfฬถaฬถrฬถmฬถ brewery: Start brewing here. You will receive rewards in form of CVZA tokens which will not only give you a nice APR, by providing liquidity you might also receive a share of the tokens airdropped through our tool.

You can read more about the brewery here.

Active participants in the brewery will receive information about the airdropped token sent to them. Each launch is also announced in our Discord community and on Telegram.

What this means for users of the airdrop tool

Weโ€™re not only making several steps of your marketing and distribution process easier, you also get access to our community of investors who are already actively participating in projects on the Tezos chain. The โ€œbrewersโ€ will not not only receive your token by airdrop, they will also receive information about your project. All airdrops done through our tool will be announced through several social media channels but active CVZA LP stakers will also receive an individual message.

Next steps: Cerveza Lottery

The number of CVZA LP holder will increase fast which would make the cost of airdrops to all holders too expensive for smaller projects. The brewery also wonโ€™t run forever and we might have to switch to other methods how our community participates in airdrops. At some point all Cerveza token holders might be eligible for consideration in airdrops.

We will develop a lottery system to deal with this challenge: Each $CVZA token represents a ticket for winning an Airdrop participation. The chance of being included in all airdrops increases with the amount of held $CVZA tokens.

Airdrops on Ethereum, BSC and other chains

With the further development of, the automation of Airdrops cross chain will be made possible: will no longer be limited to the Tezos chain and automated token launches will be possible on other chains as well.

Timeframe and next releases

A first version of the airdrop tool with basic functions will be released in Q3.

The brewery will launch in August. Participating in the brewery will be the easiest way to increase the chance of being part of more airdrops later. Join the waiting list now!

Donโ€™t forget to join us on Discord and Telegram!

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates about CVZA!




Cerveza is a DeFi project on the Tezos network.

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