It’s Game-On in the Enterprise!

We are very excited to invest in the new $5.25 million Series B financing round in GamEffective, led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP).

Founded in 2009, GamEffective is aiming to become the leading provider of next generation Workforce Performance Management (WPM) solutions for enterprise workforces. Through the intelligent use of “gamification” in its modules, customers of GamEffective have already benefitted from improvements in sales, customer service KPIs, knowledge collaboration and engagement.

Its target market includes medium to large sales and service organisations (e.g. Call centres) which today employ a majority of “Millennials”, i.e. adults born between 1980 and 2000. It is this generation of people that grew up in the video game era and generally respond better to gamification than traditional methods of employee engagement.

GamEffective’s performance management and eLearning solutions are already deployed in several Fortune 500 companies, many of whom now consider “enterprise gamification” a stand-alone category for RFQs. Its core technology boasts numerous competitive advantages in relation to its breadth of content, system architecture and SaaS business model which led GamEffective to be voted the #1 enterprise gamification platform by Enterprise Gamification Consultancy, beating out the likes of Infosys and SAP.

We are pleased to support Gal, Doron, Hadas, Guy, Roni and the entire GamEffective in their vision to make enterprise gamification a staple in every company.

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