CFH during WFH
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CFH during WFH

Crusted Egg Fry 🥪🥚

Things I do for breakfast🌅 with left over pieces of bread.

I had two pieces of bread left, including the end-piece. And I wanted to finish them for breakfast this morning. I did not know how, but I wanted to be done with them so that I could throw the bag of plastic that the bread came in.

Crusted Egg Fry

And then, I remembered something that Mom (Lalita) told me just yesterday about using bread crumbs or the crusts when making eggs. So, this is what she suggested, and that is what I did with some minty additions of my own…

Save the Crumbs, cut out the bread

First, I cut out the middle of the bread — the bits that most people save. Next, I heated up a pan and put the end piece, the cut-out middle, and the bread crusts in the hot pan. And then I left the pan to heat up.

Toasting Bread: The side crust, the middle and the end piece.

Bring the Egg 🥚

Once the pan is nice and hot, and I mean really hot, bring out the egg. Then crack-and-spill the egg into the toasting bread crust.

Frying the egg surrounded by bread crust.

A Hot Pan 🍳

If the pan is really hot, the egg will fry in minutes — less than 5 minutes really. One way to figure out if the pan is hot enough is to see how black the white-cutout-bread piece is. In my case it was starting to char, and that is when I cracked open the egg.

Sprinkle the Spices 🧂🌶

Just after the egg lands on the hot pan, sprinkle in some red chili powder, pepper and salt — all to taste. And let the egg cook with the sprinkled salt and spices.

Red Chili Powder, Black Pepper, Salt — all to taste. 🧂🌶

Once you do that, just wait another two minutes for the egg to finish frying. The best way to know if the egg is done is to see if it is coming off the pan neatly. In my version, when the crusted egg was coming off the pan, the top side of the frying egg was still a little loosey-goosey, but was starting to cook. At that point I turned off the stove and let the egg cook with the residual heat of the pan.

The other toast 🍞

For the other toasty bits — the middle and end pieces — I just applied some mint chutney and had them alongside the crusted egg fry. Oh! that and coffee! How can I forget coffee ☕

Crusted Egg Fry, Minty Toast and Coffee 😋

Holding Together 🥪🥚

I knew that the crusted egg fry came together well, when I lifted it and had it like toast! And it held up well. Take a look at how it looks on the bottom.

Crusted Egg Fry from the bottom 🥪🥚

It was a fun breakfast — light, enjoyable, and caffeinated. Good start to a Saturday.

What did you make for breakfast?

Don’t feel shy! Share your breakfast and food stories in the comments below 💬 I would love to hear them!




“Cooking from home during WFH” is a series of adventures with cooking when it could no longer be avoided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooking as a course of last resort, if you will.

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