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A recent breakfast of (left) espresso and (right) little millets porridge with jaggery powder.

International Year of Millets — 2023

Celebrating Millets!

We at CFH During WFH love millets! And we recently learned that the General Assembly of the United Nations quietly adopted and passed a resolution last year on March 5th, 2021, declaring 2023 as the International Year of Millets. Guess something good came out of 2021.

Here is an excerpt from the original resolution:

The General Assembly,


Recognizing the important contribution of millets to the cultivation of nutritious foods in climate-adverse environments,

Noting the importance of sustainable farming and production practices to the livelihoods of millions of rural farm families and small family farmers around the world,

Cognizant of the historical contribution of millets to food security, nutrition, livelihoods and incomes of family farmers,

Concerned about the current need to invigorate market recognition of the benefits of millets and to promote efficient value chains,

Calling upon Member States to take effective measures, as appropriate, to help to integrate smallholders into global production, value and supply chains for the sustainable production and consumption of millets,

Recognizing the vast genetic diversity of millets and their adaptive capacities to a range of production environments,

Recognizing also the need to empower women through education, to promote healthy diets,

Recognizing further that the observance of an International Year of Millets in
2023 by the international community would contribute significantly to raising
awareness on these issues,

Decides to declare 2023 the International Year of Millets

As you can imagine, Mom (Lalita Shankar) and I have been thrilled to learn of this. And I personally could not agree more with everything that the resolution called out. Millets are a vital source of nutrition, livelihood and sustainability. And from our own cooking, we can attest that they are very yummy 😋😋😋

To celebrate the resolution (albeit a whole year after it was passed) and the upcoming year of celebration here some stories around how we have been using millets in our own cooking!

Hope you enjoy them! We will be adding more to this list through out this year! Happy reading and cooking!




“Cooking from home during WFH” is a series of adventures with cooking when it could no longer be avoided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooking as a course of last resort, if you will.

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