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CFH during WFH

Mom joins CFH During WFH!

Quick house keeping note (and a moment of personal privilege and joy)!

This is the first time Mom and I will be blogging together, and I cannot be more excited!

Mom joins as a writer for CFH During WFH!

Mom has been cooking for more than 40 years now, and she is fantastic at experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen. She is an expert at conjuring delicious vegetarian dishes that most cooks would deem unthinkable. I cannot wait to learn from her as she blogs for CFH During WFH!

For instance, I learned the trick around steam cooking green beans in a frying pan from her:

To kick things off, Mom introduces an off-beat ingredient: Millets! In her post “Cooking with Millets” she shows how we can substitute-in Millets to create variations out of traditional dishes that we are familiar with. Check it out here:



“Cooking from home during WFH” is a series of adventures with cooking when it could no longer be avoided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooking as a course of last resort, if you will.

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