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Introducing CFL365.Finance

World’s First Hybrid (Stocks and Crypto) Virtual Marketplace

DeFi market, over the last couple of years has seen a significant surge not only in terms of Total Value Locked (TLV) but also in the number of new projects getting added to the ecosystem. The existing DeFi platforms have successfully demonstrated the demand for trading the time value of digital assets. However, current systems are plagued with one single issue in terms of adding new users from outside crypto world.

CFL365.Finance aims to bridge the gap between traditional markets and DeFi ecosystem by gamifying the stock and crypto markets!!

By enabling users to anticipate the price actions of global stocks and crypto assets in real time market conditions without actually owning them, we not only aim to revolutionise the way new users look at the crypto markets but also increase the crypto adoption globally. The platform integrates decentralised price oracles and market apis from crypto and stock markets to create a virtual marketplace for users to trade.

The How?

We combined some fun ways to earn money by providing users with virtual coins and allowing them to trade in real market conditions by competing with other users worldwide by investing as low as $1. This allows the user to trade with a risk-free mindset and showcase their skills.

Additionally, users wouldn’t have to bother about the txn fees, wallet address, public/private keys etc because the coins that would be trading are actually the virtual coins but in the real market conditions. It’s completely a skill based trading and skill building platform for upcoming traders or users who want to understand the crypto markets without going through the anxiety of losing their money right away.

The prices in virtual market trading conditions is a bet that a particular asset (crypto or a stock) will exert a certain price action movement. It also represents an estimated value that the person placing the bet assigns to the parameters being considered in the bet.

CFL365.Finance not only gives individuals authority to create a particular (stocks, and cryptocurrencies) but also the complete power over deciding the entry fee for a league and winning reward structure along with the participation access. CFL365’s trading leagues can be created by users holding CFL365’s native token ($CFL), who stake their tokens on the actual observed outcome and, in return, receive settlement fees from the markets.

Key Features

We understand the problems of fragmentation and functionality which are limiting the growth of the DeFi sector. CFL365 aims to solve this by supporting and offering comprehensive functionality for both crypto and stock assets on one single platform.

Game Mining: The users can use their $CFL tokens to particiapte in any leagues they wish without having any limitations on the number of leagues one can participate. In fact on CFL365.Finance, users will get the additional rewards for participating in more leagues irrespective of the fact that they lose or win a league, as reward for their loyalty. The users will be rewarded with additional tokens based on their participation fees paid during the month. These rewards are exclusive of the staking wallet tokens used.

The more leagues you participate in, the more you earn.

Referral Mining: Invite your friends to join the leagues and earn $CFL The users will be rewarded for promoting $CFL and referring their contacts. Verified Referrals will receive reward as per the level of contribution by invitees.

Staking: Unlike other platforms, users need not lock in their $CFL tokens to earn the staking interests on our platform. Besides earning interests on the average value of $CFL holdings users will also be getting interest on the percentage gains made by participating in the leagues.

Governance: Participate and actively contribute in decision making through community votes The owners of $CFL will have voting rights equivalent to the ratio of $CFL owned by the users in their wallet to to the total supply of tokens in the chain

NFTfying the tokens: In the CFL365 ecosystem, at regular intervals, users can convert their tokens (or portion of them) into limited edition collectibles or NFTs. This process of enabling users to convert their tokens will be carried out at regular intervals (half yearly & annually) and on special days like Christmas eve or New years etc. In addition to having the completely new marketplace for then the NFTs created by the $CFL tokens taken out of the supply, the converted NFTs would also have similar utilities on the platform.

Bridging the gap

Currently, there are platforms that are enabling virtual trading for stocks and crypto but none of them are doing both on one single platform. Moreover, since none of them are built on blockchain technology, the operational transparency remains unique along with the longer duration for withdrawals.

To sum it up

At CFL365.Finance, we are working towards creating a bridge between the traditional financial world and crypto ecosystem to traget a new niche audience in the market that has been neglected and untapped by current solutions in the DeFi space. We believe our efforts will benefit the complete DeFi ecosystem by creating a influx of new user joining and contributing the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

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