Laying out the Blender Market’s Vision

We (quietly) celebrated the two year anniversary of the Blender Market recently, which was launched on June 10th, 2014. Since it’s initial launch the market has seen it’s fair share of successes, failures, and challenges, each of which are topics for another day. All things considered, the last two years have felt moderately successful, albeit stressful, for our team behind the Blender Market.

Over the last two years the business has grossed $303,700 (counting up to July 31st, 2016), paid out $201,000 to our Creators, and donated $19,600 to the Blender Development fund on behalf of our Creators.

This is a pretty solid start, and that’s $200,000 of income injected into the community of Blender artists and developers. We can do better, though.

As of yet, there is no one (to my knowledge), making a living off their Blender Market sales. I’d like to change that. Which bring me to our vision for the site.

We want to help you to start, grow and succeed with your Blender business, while being a force for good within the Blender community.

This vision is the litmus test against which we’re pitching features, updates, and overall direction of the Blender Market; starting with the brand new site which is launching later this year.