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Web Hosting Services Provider Companies List
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Website hosting is an initial step for every company to have an online presence and when there is a huge list of best web hosting companies and everyone claims to be the number 1, it can be difficult for you to choose which one is the right website hosting service provider for you. No matter if you are running a blog or providing any services, we have covered all types of small and large businesses after spending hours to provide you the best website hosting provider according to your needs.

Best Website Hosting Companies List of 2021

What is Web Hosting?

When you finally decide to have a website of your own, it is the right time to choose a web host. Those who are totally unfamiliar with the term web hosting, here is a simple definition: Web hosting is a place where you place your website on the web. For more clarity, just think about your website, it is actually a collection of several computer files that are linked together and in order to place your website on the web, you need to share these files with a super computer which is usually called a server. This server always comes with high internet speed and provides you space to host your website files, thus making your website accessible to all internet users.

What is Dedicated Server Website Hosting?

A dedicated hosting server is a world of your own. It is just like renting a cubicle where you are supposed to enjoy ultimate freedom, no roommate, no sharing and you will be having full control of the server resources. It is usually a type of hosting which is preferred by businesses which are fully grown and are expecting tons of traffic on a daily basis. Money plays a key role while choosing a dedicated server hosting. Its features like independent IP address, no sharing of the server resources and excellent speed make it comparatively an expensive option. However, when you choose a dedicated server, everything comes under your control, so if you really think that your company needs are big, there is no better solution than dedicated hosting.

What is Shared Website Hosting?

To understand shared website hosting, you can take the example of renting a room which is shared by many people. And when you share a single room with others, you are also supposed to share all the room facilities like washroom, water, electricity etc. In the case of web hosting, when you go for a shared hosting, you basically choose your site to host on a server that is shared by many people. Here you are going to share disk space, bandwidth and other CPU resources with the rest of the users. Also, it is the IP address that you are going to share with the users hosting their websites on the same server. Because of this sharing feature, it is quite economical to purchase a shared hosting account and is the most preferred hosting option for new businesses.

What is VPS Website Hosting?

When your website needs have outgrown and you are expecting more traffic, it is the right time to take your hosting to the next level. And the next level is VPS hosting, where you host your website on a virtual private server. As the name implies, the hosting service provided on a virtual private server is virtually private. To understand it better, you can take the example of a suite or an apartment that is a part of a hotel or a big building but comes with more privacy and independence. It is simply an independent server within a big server where you have no concern with your neighbors. No neighboring website with more traffic can hog your given resources like RAM, CPU and disk space.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

When you choose WordPress to run your website, you are supposed to keep your WordPress updated. Also, there is a continuous need to keep all of your WordPress plugins updated, but not everyone has time for it to manage all these things on a regular basis. However, when you choose a managed WordPress hosting provider, you are free from all these hassles because they will take care of it on your behalf. It is a concierge service provided by the hosting company where it will take care of all technical aspects of your WordPress website, including site speed, uptime, daily backups and updates. Basically, the idea is to offer the customers a complete hassle free hosting experience, so that you can fully focus on the growth of your business instead of keeping yourself occupied in handling the technical aspects of your website.

What Kind of Hosting Do You Need?

Unless you know the hosting needs of your website or blog, you can never get the right web host. Knowing about the top seven web hosting providers help in decision making, but before knowing about these companies and their hosting plans, first examine your hosting needs. The first question you need to get an answer to is how much disk space you need and the next big question is how big your web traffic volume can go? By knowing the answers of these basic questions, you can easily make the best pick for your businesses. For starters, here is a thumb rule, go with a shared hosting plan which is cheap and easy to maintain, later on you can upgrade it to the VPS and finally take the big step of moving on a dedicated server but this step should be taken only at a stage when your business has grown fully.

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting?

It is indeed one of the most important decisions to make, because it directly handles the amount of traffic your site receives and manages data transfer between your site, users and the internet. So, the importance of bandwidth is obvious from its functions and you cannot ignore this aspect while buying a host because every hosting company offers a particular level of bandwidth that is often different from others. Before signing-up with any hosting provider, you must know that how much bandwidth your website needs and whether the company you are going to sign-up with provides enough bandwidth meeting your website needs or not. You will see companies claiming to offer “unlimited bandwidth” but these are just traps, there is no such thing as unlimited. One should try to avoid these traps and instead look for the practical hosting solutions for their website. Failure to choose the right bandwidth option for your website may result in the underperformance of your website.

Web Hosting Reviews

1. Godaddy (Best Web Hosting Overall)

Starting at $5.99/month, GoDaddy is among the most popular web hosting service providers that are being used today. With over millions of domain names registered with GoDaddy, it has attained a position as the largest domain name registrar in the world.

There are plenty of reasons for its popularity. They guarantee an uptime of 99.9% and fast page load times at around 517ms. Together with speed and performance, it will also offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, at least for most of its plans. For the Economy plan, however, you will have to make do with a storage space of 100GB which is quite sufficient for a small business venture. With the annual plan, you also get a free domain name and SSL certificate is reserved for some of the plans.

Although some of the superior features are reserved for only the pricier plans of GoDaddy, all plans will include DdoS protection for your website, easy installation of plenty of applications including WordPress and Joomla, 24/7 monitoring and support and a user-friendly control panel that’s easy to work with for the users.

2. A2Hosting (Best Shared Web Hosting)

A2 hosting is a US-based web hosting service provider which offers an impressive average load time, unmetered bandwidth and tons of other features that are bound to attract customers. In addition to the limitless bandwidth that they offer for all of their plans, customer support is phenomenal with phone calls and 24/7 live chat with experts who are always ready to help you out. Other than that, being a user-friendly platform, it’s easy to use, even if you are a beginner.

A2 hosting will also give you a free domain name and SSL certification together with website migration. Their plans start at $1.99 per/month which isn’t as expensive as most of the other high-end web hosting service providers.

Together with a speedy and user-friendly service, A2 hosting is also popular for its security. Their servers use ‘HackScan’ which scans and eliminates malwares on a routinely basis. It will ensure that your website stays online and any unexpected issues such as DDoS are resolved before there is any damage.

In addition, A2 hosting is compatible with a variety of management systems including WordPress, Magento and OpenCart which can be installed easily and made use of without needing a developer. Besides all the amazing features, there’s also the standard 30-day money-back guarantee for the complete satisfaction of customers.

3. HostPapa (Best Web Hosting for Small Business)


If you’re planning on promoting your business by taking it online, HostPapa is an excellent option. Started in 1998, it still stands among the most popular web hosting service providers in the market. HostPapa offers a set of 3 packages for your website which you can choose from based on your budget and the size of your business. What’s impressive is that all of these plans, including the cheaper ones, will offer unmetered bandwidth, free domain and support for more than 400 free applications including WordPress. Besides the HostPapa dashboard to handle everything smoothly, the inclusion of cPanel makes it easier to build and manage your websites.

Using a single account on HostPapa, you can launch as many websites as you want, unless you have chosen the Starter package which offers support for 2 websites at a time. In addition, while the Starter package offers limited storage space, the other two packages will offer unlimited space on the web. Fast servers and 99.9% uptime are also one of the salient features that attract the customers. Plans are available for both Linux and Windows for greater versatility together with a free website builder to help you build and launch the website as quickly as possible. Although the spam protection isn’t automatic, except for the Business Pro package, you can request one whenever needed.

4. MochaHost (Best Cheap Web Hosting)


MochaHost offers a range of different plans including shared hosting for small businesses and VPS and dedicated servers for larger ventures. Among plenty of advanced features that the plans will offer,100% guaranteed uptime, SSD Cloud Storage, free website transfer, free SSL certificate, website builder tools and 180-day free trial are the most prominent ones.

Despite being a bargain option, the web hosting programs offered by MochaHost supports more than 450 web applications which include WordPress, phpBB and Joomla. Using the convenient installer, you can easily install any of the supported applications with a single click. Other than that, there is an easy-to-use website builder using which you can have as many websites up and running in no time, if you’re using one of the premium plans. For their cheapest plan however, they offer support for a single website.

Furthermore, website migration, automatic backups and malware protection are also a part of the premium packages so that you are guaranteed a hassle-free experience with your websites. Some plans will also offer free domain for the lifetime of your website.

Although MochaHost may not be an ideal pick in terms of features and customer services, it’s a good start if you have a small budget and have a small business idea in mind. Moreover, much of the features offered by it’s premium packages are more or less the same as any high-end hosting platform.

5. Ipage (Best Unlimited Website Hosting)


With plans starting at $1.99/month, it is among the cheapest web hosting service providers that you will find to boost a small business. Despite offering an inexpensive service, they offer their customers with a free domain name, unlimited email accounts and a free website builder to speed up the website building process and launch it quickly. SSL certificate and access to unlimited bandwidth and storage space is available as well for any plan that you select with ipage. Together with this, if you face any technical issues while using the platform, you can contact their support team through phone or live chat. They’re available 24/7 for the assistance of their customers.

Even with their cheaper plans, Ipage includes tons of extras including free malware protection, Google and Bing ad credits and building tools for WordPress. It will also offer support for tons of free applications which can be installed easily and made use of. Another feature which sets it apart is the analytics tool with your account using which you can easily keep a check on the performance of your website. Together with 99.97% uptime, site security, thousands of free website templates and 30-day money-back guarantee, Ipage surely has a lot to offer for the price.

What Features to Looked at to Find the Best Web Hosting Services

Creating a web presence is much easier these days, unlike the early days of web designing; now people are not needed to learn the code language for designing a website. By just selecting the right WordPress Theme, you can free yourself from all hassles. However, before you start building your site, you need a web host that will bring your website in front of the world. The decision must be made carefully and if you are launching a business website, the importance of choosing a reliable web host increases a lot. Before selecting a hosting provider, you must have clear goals in mind. Given below are certain factors, which you should consider before buying a hosting company.

Hosting Factor #1 — Web Hosting Packages and Prices:

Companies offer different hosting packages depending upon the different hosting needs of the customers. Some websites can do well with a basic package including a reasonable amount of disk space, bandwidth and data transfer, however, there are other big websites which have to deal with heavy traffic so their hosting package must be scalable enough that if their website’s traffic increases, it can handle it excellently. Pricing is another important factor and it varies from package to package, so when you are about to buy a hosting plan, must check how competitive the price is. However, jumping on the cheapest offer without comparing features is not a good idea.

Hosting Factor # 2 — Features:

The next obvious question one should ask to the hosting provider before signing up with them is about their features. What makes this company so special, why should you sign up with them? What incentives will you get when you host your website with them? Besides offering all the essential features of a hosting plan like bandwidth, disk space and uptime, many companies also offer some more attractive features like energy saving practices, multiple data centers, regular backups and more. So, one should also consider these additional features before buying a hosting plan.

Hosting Factor # 3 — Technical Support:

No matter how much tech savvy you are, when it comes to hosting your site on a remote server, you definitely need technical support. All the top hosting companies like Hostgator, BlueHost, JustHost and FatCow offer 24/7 customer support to their clients. It would be wise to check some customer reviews about the support of a hosting provider before actually buying a plan from them.

Hosting Factor # 4 — Domains:

The number of domains a hosting company allows its users to host from a single hosting account also works as a selection criterion for choosing a hosting company. You will see companies offering an unlimited amount of domains, sub domains, add on domains and parked domains and all of these options are fairly important if you want to expand your business quickly.

Hosting Factore #5 — Email:

This feature enables you to control all the email capabilities like creating email aliases, auto responding to emails you receive from the customer end, catching all emails sent to your domain, making email communication easier with IMAP, POP and SMTP, providing a virus filter, spam filter and creating unlimited number of email addresses. Must check all these features associated with the email before signing up.

Hosting Factore # 6 — Bonuses:

Almost all the hosting providers try to attract customers by giving them some bonuses. Money back guarantee is the one common bonus which is offered by almost all providers, then there is a marketing bonus which comes in the form of free Google AdWords, free marketing credits on Facebook and Bing. If you are running an eCommerce business, you may get the offer of free shopping cart software and more. Some of the companies also offer a free toll-free phone number. Look into all these bonuses before choosing a company.

Hosting Factore # 7 — Hosting Types:

You must have an idea about shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller and cloud hosting before buying a hosting plan for your website. Also, you should know what hosting type can cater your hosting needs. And can there be any need to upgrade your hosting type in the near future, if yes then go for a company that is scalable enough and have all kinds of hosting servers, thus giving you the option to update anytime you feel like updating.

Hosting Factor # 8 — Learning Material:

All the good companies offer a strong knowledge base which comes in the form of helping articles, video tutorials, well explained FAQs and forum type knowledge sharing. All of these features can be extremely useful for you as a client, and you must check their user guides as well.

Hosting Factor # 9 — Security:

The security of your website is extremely important and you must scan all the security measures included in the hosting plan of your hosting provider. Most of the hosting companies ensure daily server backups, dedicated SSL certificates, password protection, secure FTP access and more. Checking these security precautions is necessary for eCommerce because when you are involved in the process of online selling, you need to pay close attention to the security of your website.

Hosting Factor # 10 — Website Design:

This factor is important for those who do not have any technical expertise to design and manage their website. Most of the hosting companies offer you tools like drag and drop builder, mobile site creation tools, customizable website templates and some other designing tools which make it easy for you to manage your website on your own. Pay close attention to these tools, if you do not want to pay someone else to do it for you.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, only you, as the owner of your website, can choose the best web hosting provider to launch it. After all, you are the best judge of your website requirements, your budget and your goals. And once you are familiar with all the features involved and everything that a good web hosting service can offer, your mission to choose the perfect one shouldn’t be all that hard. It was our goal to bring to you the best website hosting providers list that have proven to offer the fastest and most reliable performance to keep your website online and free of any hassle so that you can solely focus on the growth of your business.

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