How to Design a Unique, Unforgettable and Creative Logo?

A Great logo is more than of just a combination of images and words, a successful good logo tells about your company and that the company presents to the public. In this infographic “How to Design a Unique, Unforgettable and Creative Logo?”, which is created by sothink, shares ideas, tips and tricks from seasoned logo designers.

Never make the mistake of rushing into creating a logo design Read This: Top 5 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid. A successful good logo should have the features of appropriate, practical, graphic, simple, creative and UNIQUE.
How to make a unique logo? The questionnaire, Research, Sketching, Design, Presentation, and Review.

Here is talking about Design:

  • What is a unique Logo?
  • How to make a unique Logo?
  • What is vital to design unique Logo?
  • How to use Logo to boost brand identity?

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