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I’ve had the pleasure of using a lot of different headsets in the last year, so it’s tough for me to get a unique experience. Cooler Master’s latest gaming headset, the Cooler Master CH331 Gaming Headset had some particularly interesting features that might make it stand out for you.

First off, the CH331 felt like a solid headset right out of the box. Its aluminum build keeps it light, yet incredibly durable. Also tough is the thick cable made of a durable nylon mesh and is designed to be tangle-proof.

Beyond its durability, however, is the fact that it is built for comfort. The plush ear cups and padding along the headband hug your head beautifully. With a 16 ohm impedance and 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response, it sounds as smooth as the cushioning surrounding your ears. The Cooler Master CH331 Gaming Headset provides a beautiful virtual 7.1 surround sound experience with crisp audio.

Cooler Master CH331 Gaming Headset Review 1

Missing from the conversation about this headset is its microphone. The reason it’s missing out of the box is because it is detachable. The omnidirectional boom mic, when attached, is easily adjusted to your ideal position. The mic also helps make the headset noise-cancelling as well. The fact that the mic is detachable is also wonderful for those who just occasionally want a nice comfy set of headphones for watching a movie on your laptop.

The controls on the mic are also powerful. The in-line controls found on the cable allow you to mute your headphones or mic independently, adjust volume and turn the RGB on and off, keeping the controls close to you rather than defer the controls to hot keys or sound settings on the computer. The RGB on the Cooler Master CH331 is understated with its thin profile, but the light emitting from it is brilliant and beautiful.

“The Cooler Master CH331 Gaming Headset provides a beautiful virtual 7.1 surround sound experience with crisp audio.”

Cooler Master CH331 Gaming Headset Review 3

Some small changes that I would make to the headset, however, would be to include a plug to cover up the microphone jack when it is detached from the headphones to create a more smooth look. The size and thickness of the headset cable and the in-line controls make the connector to the headset a little cumbersome. A detachable microphone rather than a retractable one also leaves the risk of a loose connection which would result in issues with audio. This is easily fixed by properly attaching the mic, but if, in the middle of a game, the mic cuts out or distorts, fixing the microphone is an unwelcome distraction.

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