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NZXT has just released their newest device, the NZXT Capsule Mini microphone, a smaller version of its predecessor, the NZXT Capsule (it should go without saying, but here we are), which was the company’s first foray into content creator audio. The USB condenser mic is an attractive microphone that is also friendly on the wallet.

In the box, you’ll get the NZXT Capsule Mini microphone — already attached to its stand — a USB-A to USB-C cable, a thread adapter for connecting the microphone to a mic arm and the user instructions. The Capsule Mini microphone is a very simple device, with a single knob on the front that controls the headset volume and allows you to mute the mic when pressed in. The knob is coated with a nice rubber, and there are clicks when turning the knob so you can feel how much it has turned.

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The body of the NZXT Capsule Mini microphone is completely plastic, making it feel like a cheap mic when first holding it in your hands, but the design is sturdy and very attractive. The black-and-white motif is a popular look for a reason. The mic looks great on screen with its clean design and little details, like the small holes at the back of the capsule. The fact that all of the cables run from the bottom of the microphone just adds to the clean aesthetic because the cable management is prettier and keeps viewers from seeing the cables jutting out of the back of the mic like some other mics on the market.

“But the bottom line is that you are getting a lot of big sound out of a small microphone.”

Along the bottom of the microphone is the USB-C port, a ¼” inch thread for connecting to a boom arm (which is not used for connecting to the stand) and a headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring. The stand screws into the NZXT Capsule Mini in the two small threads on the sides of the mic. The metal stand is roughly twice the weight of the microphone because of its solid metal design.

The NZXT Capsule Mini microphone is a plug-and-play device, but it does have some software support via the NZXT Cam software — NZXT’s catch-all software for all of their devices. The controls for the Capsule Mini, however, are very rudimentary. You can control the mic gain, the audio being fed to your headphones (if they are plugged into the mic) from the PC, and you can adjust the sidetone, which is the amount of your own voice you can hear in the mic.

There are no VSTs (EQ, Compression, etc.) available on the software, so you will have to resort to whatever software you are using to capture the audio to do so (or you can do it in post). When you’re capturing that audio, you’ll have 24-bit audio with a 48kHz sample rate (half the sample rate of the original Capsule.

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NZXT was also kind enough to send us another accessory, the Boom Arm Mini, a mic arm that takes up a little bit less space and is quite a bit lighter than other mic arms. Its light, metal design and fantastic cable management are integrated into the arm. The three axis points have a simple screw adjustment to allow you to tighten or loosen the joints very easily.

“When all set up, the NZXT Capsule Mini microphone has a great out-of-the-box sound.”

When all set up, the NZXT Capsule Mini microphone has a great out-of-the-box sound. Its default sound adds a little more bass to your voice than the average condenser microphone, while the mid-tone and high-frequency sounds are reasonably natural. While the low frequency was boosted, I actually had the need to bring that down ever so slightly, about 2dB. But the bottom line is that you are getting a lot of big sound out of a small microphone.

The NZXT Capsule Mini microphone may be big on sound, but it is small on price. At $69.99 USD, this is a fantastic quality microphone that fits into the category of budget mics. There are a lot of mics in and around this price point, so there is a lot of competition, but the NZXT Capsule Mini microphone is definitely a standout. It comes in white and black, so you have some room to make it your own.

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To add to that, the NZXT Boom Arm Mini will also run you $69.99 USD, making the whole setup come in just under $140 USD. This arm is a premium build at a price closer to the cheap, no-name brand arms you’d find on Amazon. It is definitely worth a look, but make sure to be aware of the space on your desk and confirm that the Mini is the right size for you. If not, they do have a larger option at $99.99 USD.

The NZXT Capsule Mini mic sits at a price that I would expect, especially when compared to the price of the full-sized NZXT Capsule, but if you are looking to buy both of these items at the same time, I think you are going to have a really tough time finding similar quality for two pieces of gear at this price point.

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