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OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones Review

In a world where many devices are cutting different ports or turning to wireless technology, wired headphones and devices that support them are slowly becoming harder to find. OneOdio has been producing various forms of audio products from earbuds to headphones, all targeted at different consumer types. All of which come in at reasonable prices that should be within reach of the average user.

I recently had the chance to try out a professional set of headphones by OneOdio, more specifically their Monitor 60 wired headphones. OneOdio claims they are ideal for audiophiles, DJs, and top audio pros. While my ears are by no means as sensitive to audio as others, I do certainly feel that I can appreciate good audio when presented with it. Priced at $119.00 on OneOdio’s site, the Monitor 60 Headphones are a slightly more costly product offered by OneOdio, although the price is still reasonable amongst top known names such as Bose, Sony, or Sennheiser.

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To assist in various scenarios, OneOdio includes a coiled cable with 6.35 mm end to connect to sound monitors, DJ decks or instruments, although this was not something I could personally put to the test. For those just wanting to listen to a TV privately, they pack a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable. Both of these cables are 3 meters (10 feet) in length. For those wanting to use the Monitor 60 Headphones with a game system or other more common devices that still offer a 3.5 mm headphone jack, OneOdio include a shorter 1.2 meter (4 feet) long cable with built-in microphone.

In my testing of the OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones, I found they delivered a very comfortable fit to my head and made long listening sessions a much more pleasant experience. While I find the Monitor 60 Headphones are a bit on the larger scale of previous headphones I have tested, I never felt as though they were weighing my head down or putting strain on my head or neck in part thanks to the plush leather padding on the headband. The leather earmuff pieces were very plush and cushioned that fully surrounded my ears with lots of room to spare.

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While watching a selection of action-based movies, I was consistently finding that I was hearing more sounds I had never previously heard when listening through speakers or other lower end headphones or earbuds. From background conversations in busy street scenes to various sound effects, the Monitor 60 Headphones often gave the impression that I was a part of the movie and on set with actors. I felt they added almost a whole new depth and dimension to the listening experience.

In my various sessions of jamming out to various genres of music, the Monitor 60s continued to impress me in a variety of ways. Not only did the Monitor 60 Headphones produce rich and clear music tones across the board, they also delivered a very satisfying amount of bass. This is thanks to the impressively large 50 mm drivers in each earpiece. From every beat of a drum, strum of a guitar, or lyric sung, I repeatedly felt as though I was being presented with my own personal concert in my house.

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All through my time of testing the Monitor 60 Headphones, I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences when using them around the house. I often found myself reaching for them for casual music listening in bed or while working on various tasks on my laptop. However, when it came to hitting the road for an adventure, I unfortunately found the Monitor 60 Headphones to be just a bit too large for my liking, even while folded up. For those with larger backpacks or carrying bags, your experience may vary.

Overall, I feel OneOdio has delivered a great-sounding set of headphones with their Monitor 60 Headphones that everyone from casual users to audiophiles alike will come to appreciate. They produce truly remarkable audio quality, and they come in at a cost that isn’t unreachable compared to competing companies on the market. The added flexibility of having different cords to suit your needs makes for increased value and benefit many will definitely appreciate.

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