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Facilitating CG Artists To Focus More On The Artistic

CGWire is a new company that allows graphic designers and producers to focus more on the artistic side of their work. We propose software solutions and services to make both your production management and pipeline more efficient. We want to share what we learn throughout our journey, which is the reason behind this blog.

Producers and TDs are the backbone of the CG production. They offer the framework to graphic designers to showcase their artistic realisations. There are already numerous content platform that talks about how to make beautiful pictures. But posts about wiring fabrication steps together with budgeting are rare. Which is why on this blog, we will write about the invisible work of the people behind the scenes of CG production.

Our content will be divided into three categories :

  • CG Production related content : interviews and best practices on validation tracking, hiring, cost tracking and more.
  • CG Pipeline related content : interviews and best practices on setting up a pipeline for a CG production.
  • Software development tutorials : how to add more value to your common CG tools by writing scripts.

We hope you will enjoy our mission and we can’t wait to read your comments! If you want to meet us and help us bringing more Production/Pipeline related content, we’ll be glad to talk with you. For that drop us an email!

Focusing on “behind the scene” doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy looking at beautiful pictures too. If you would like broader topics and curated content about the CG industry in general, you can follow us on Twitter !



Posts about Animation Pipeline and Production Management

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