Corporate acceleration

From now on, Chain Accelerator is offering tailor-made solutions according to the maturity of the project. From co-working to acceleration, you will find our new offers and pricingbelow. Let us know which offer you are interested in and apply here => this form.

Chain Accelerator

Blockchain Startup Accelerator

Chain Accelerator is a leading pan global accelerator, dedicated wholly to the advancement of blockchain technology.

Chain Accelerator supports an entire maturing ecosystem, from startups, protocols, academia, corporates, developers, cybersecurity & hackers communities and promising entrepreneurs whilst giving investors a unique access to our best in class deal flow of in-house start up companies, mentored by our corporate investors and partners.

Chain Accelerator is located at Station F in Paris and also offers a decentralized platform to support blockchain startups around the world. Chain Accelerator is the co-organizer of CryptoMondaysParis and Paris Blockchain Week (April 16&17th 2019) — contact if your are interested in a partnership.

Non-exhaustive list of Chain Accelerator activities and assets:


  • Work with significant blockchain projects as Comos, Wanchain, Tezos, Ledger, Neo, Colu, R3, Zcash, IOTA, Spectre, Ghost, Swarm fund. Design thinking sessions, grant attribution, shared resources.
  • Mentorship from 35 top international individuals (board members of Fortune 500 companies, founders of major Blockchain projects, investors) among whom: Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation, Former CEO SWIFT, Board Member Kraken, Board Member Orange, Head of Waze EU, Former CEO ST Ericsson.
  • Access to 100+ investors from Asia, US, EU, Russia and Israel … Demo Day. Press network, with Cointelegraph in our open space, relations with locals journalist from main press compagnies, Havas Blockchain is one of our specific partner for the PR.
  • Direct access to the heads of Blockchain projects in 10+ Corporations.
  • Benefit from the expertise and negotiated discounts from 35+ partners: consulting firms, accounting firms, lawyers, design, translation, social media, PR, hiring, KYC, cybersecurity …
  • Access to desks and resources with our partners in Malta, Zug, Tel Aviv.
  • Direct access to European regulators and government bodies.
  • Participation in Chain Accelerator Alumni network.
  • Events, workshop, Q&A sessions and hackathons.
  • Education: learning and training with engineering & business schools.
  • Station F network: startups, corporates, VC & journalists (direct access on Slack)

Personal support:

  • Pitch training
  • P&L review
  • Architecture & tech solutions review
  • Design thinking
  • Hiring: Access to developer communities, top engineering and business schools
  • Team organisation
  • Token economy review
  • Media training Chain Accelerator Marketing assets Speaking engagements in conferences Co-hosting startup Launch announcement

Desks: Access 24/7 to Station F, Internet access with personal network, Visitor access to the « SHARE » zone, Access to printers One (1) lock for each , desk, Access to all meeting rooms of Station F, Access to all Station F events, Access to Station F events dedicated to Founders, Access to the STATION F Intranet (as a « Founder »), Access to the STATION F perks (freebies and reductions), Access to all STATION F common areas ( Café, Restaurants, Open Stage), Electricity, Heating, Water, Cleaning and maintenance of Workstations, Maintenance of equipment made available by the Company, subject to the provisions of the internal regulations of the Accelerator, the rules of procedure of STATION F, convention of Acceleration and these terms and conditions.

Services: Introductions, actions, specifics events or workshops, POCs, hackathons, training, resources… based on startup needs and team maturity.

Goals: Training, use cases and POC’s — Communication

Period: 12 months

Desks (max) at Station F: 1 desk or Nomad (no desk)

Pricing: To be discussed based on specific needs (Tailormade)

In-house partner corporates
Event partner corporates
Partner experts

Let us know which offer you are interested in and apply here => this form.

Don’t forget to follow us on social medias : twitter, telegram, slack




Consulting and development in blockchains and crypto-currencies

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