Announcement: Chain Clash avatar and item pre-sale starts on November 4th!

Adrian Krion
Oct 23, 2019 · 7 min read
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UPDATE: The Pre-sale is now live. Head over to the Pre-sale store to grab your packages! Also, there’s been some updates to the Pre-sale schedule. Check details here.

Clashanians, mark your calendars, the Chain Clash pre-sale is coming, featuring the super-rare crypto celebrity avatars! Your chance at getting a digital blockchain action-figure of your favorite crypto icon has come!

In this post, we’ll be diving into the details of the pre-sale. If you want to learn more about Chain Clash, check out our website, or this post.

When and where will it take place?

The pre-sale will start on November 4th, 2019, at 1pm (GMT).

We’ll host the sale on a separate page, which can be accessed via our website once it goes live.

What will be sold?

We’ll be selling a number of avatars, as well as in-game items. There are five different rarities of avatars: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. The pre-sale will feature avatars of every rarity in various ways.

All avatars acquired in the pre-sale will belong to the Genesis Edition, which is strictly limited to pre-sale avatars and visible in the game via a special tag. If you’re interested to learn more about the details of avatar rarities and editions, we’ll be providing more details on that prior to the pre-sale.

Mythic avatars:

Mythic avatars are the rarest ones in the game. Just like the legendary avatars, they’ll feature a digital likeness of a real crypto celebrity! However, there’ll only ever be one of each kind in existence. Mythic avatars will also feature a special, unique look to set them apart from their legendary counterparts.

The first real-world crypto legend featured in Chain Clash will be:

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Crystal is the founder and CEO of Sense.Chat. She’s been declared Top 10 Women in Blockchain by Forbes and is a frequent speaker at conferences. Crystal is also a passionate gamer.

The pre-sale for Crystal’s Mythic and Legendary avatars will run from November 4th, 1pm (GMT), to November 12th, 1pm (GMT). Get your wallets loaded to bid on her!

Legendary avatars:

Legendary avatars are the second-highest rarity in Chain Clash. The Genesis Edition will have a maximum of 30 legendaries per each person, sold in three auctions running for 2 days each.

Common, Rare and Epic avatars:

In contrast to Mythic and Legendary avatars, Common, Rare and Epic ones are not based on crypto celebrities. They have android-like appearances, and the Genesis edition of the Epic avatars will have a special look that will never be reproduced.

Bundles and items:

Android avatars will be available in bundles together with a bunch of in-game items. Not only will the pre-sale be the only occasion to get Genesis edition avatars, you’ll also get awesome discounts by purchasing them in bundles with the items.

Items available in the pre-sale bundles:

  • Training Tickets — used to train your avatar and progress faster
  • Health Kits — can be used to fill up the health of your avatar and keep clashing
  • Revival Orbs — if your avatars die after too many clashes, you can revive them immediately using a revival
  • Name Tags — used to assign a provably unique name to your avatar

Starter pack:

The starter pack is meant to get you kick-started with your first avatar. It contains all you need to get going.

Starter packs contain:

  • 1 Common avatar (clan can be chosen after game launch)
  • 10 Training Tickets
  • 3 Health Kits
  • 1 Revival Orb
  • 1 Name tag

Price: The base price is 2 EOS, but you can get up to 50% off during the pre-sale.

Essentials package:

This bundle will provide you with a range of avatars, Name Tags and enough consumables to last a while actively playing multiple avatars.

The Essentials package contains:

  • 4 Common avatars
  • 1 Rare avatar
  • 50 Training Tickets
  • 10 Health Kits
  • 2 Revival Orbs
  • 5 Name Tags

Price: The base price is 10 EOS; again, you can get up to 50% off during the pre-sale.

Genesis bundle:

The genesis bundle gets you a bunch of Rare avatars, as well as a set of gameplay-crucial items which will last a while.

The Genesis bundle contains:

  • 5 Rare android avatars
  • 200 Training Tickets
  • 20 Health Kits
  • 5 Revival Orbs
  • 5 Name Tags

Price: The base price is 30 EOS; again, you can get up to 50% off during the pre-sale.

Epic bundle:

The Epic bundle gets you one of the very special Epic avatars of the Genesis Edition, and will set you up so you can create the ideal environment for this special avatar to get filthy strong.

The Epic bundle contains:

  • 1 Epic android avatar
  • 200 Training Tickets
  • 20 Health Kits
  • 5 Revival Orbs
  • 1 Name Tag
  • The Epic avatar will receive a kick-start of 5 Shards

Price: The base price is 30 EOS; and of course, the same discounts apply here, too.

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How does the pre-sale work and what do I need for it?

On November 4th, we will open the gates to the pre-sale for the public at 1pm GMT. To access it, simply visit our website, or directly access the pre-sale page. We will post an update about the exact location shortly before the start.

There are two different ways the items in the pre-sale will be offered:

  • Mythic avatars will be sold via auctions running for 8 days each. Once the auction ends, the highest bidder will win the auction. We reserve a cut-over period of 7 days before transferring the actual avatar to the winning user.
    Bids have to be placed by sending actual EOS; if you lose the highest bid, you get refunded your bid EOS immediately.
  • Legendary avatars will be sold via auctions running for 2 days each. Once the auction ends, the 10 highest bidders will win the auction. Bids have to be placed by sending actual EOS; if you fall out of the top 10 bids, you get refunded your bid EOS immediately. If you’re already in the top 10, any additional bids sent will increase your bid amount for this auction
  • All packs and bundles will be sold for EOS directly and not via auctions. Just as for the avatars, there’s a fixed amount we’ll sell in the pre-sale. Both bundles will be sold at various decreasing discounts compared to the pricing in the in-game store. However, there’ll be different price stages in the pre-sale and the earlier you get your hands on one, the better the discount will be

The pre-sale will be done in EOS. To participate, you’ll need an EOS account, a wallet to use it with, as well as EOS to pay with. If you don’t have an EOS account yet, we recommend you visit, download the app and create your first free EOS account in no time.

Avatars in Chain Clash are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the EOS main network following the dGoods 1.0 standard. This means you will be able to keep control of your avatars, transfer the tokens and keep them wherever you want!

Why should I participate in the pre-sale?

There’s a ton of reasons why the offers in our pre-sale are special:

  • Avatars are from the Genesis edition, which is exclusive to avatars from the pre-sale
  • The Mythic avatars sold are one-of-a-kind, meaning the pre-sale is the only way to get these avatars. And although there will be other mythic avatars in the future, the ones in the pre-sale will be the only Genesis edition Mythic avatars that’ll ever exist!
  • The appearance of the Epic avatars is exclusive to the pre-sale. Their special appearance won’t be available after the sale ends
  • With the bundles, you’ll be able to get discounts for those items of up to 60% compared to in-game store prices
  • Avatars have serial numbers. If you’re looking to get the lowest serial numbers for yourself, the pre-sale will be your best bet! In addition: the higher you rank in the Legendary auctions, the lower your serial number
  • Since avatar names are unique, joining early will allow you to secure your favorite or the most sought-after names using your name tags before Chain Clash even launches!
  • Avatars acquired in the pre-sale will get a bonus of a few free shards, which are items that can be used to boost your avatars’ attributes. In the Legendary auctions, the number of extra shards will be higher the higher you rank in the final auction results
  • All avatars will not only be playable in Chain Clash, but also in other games from the Chain Clash universe. The first of these games, Chain Clash Arcade, is scheduled to launch in 2020

When is Chain Clash launching?

Chain Clash will launch publicly in January 2020. We will announce the final date of the public launch within the next few weeks.

Where can I get more info about the game and pre-sale?

There are multiple ways and channels to get all the info you need. First, visit our website and check out the updated info on the game and pre-sale that we’ve just published. If that’s not enough, we’d be happy to discuss your questions in our Discord or Telegram!

Here’s an overview of all channels to find info about Chain Clash:

Website | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram

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