Chain Clash Feature Spotlight: Attributes

Adrian Krion
Aug 26, 2019 · 3 min read

Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. In case you’re new to Chain Clash, start with this introductory post, to learn about the game.

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In this week’s Feature Spotlight we want to give you some insights into Chain Clash’s attribute system and how it affects the gameplay.

The attributes

In Chain Clash, avatars have 4 base attributes which are the core parameters to determine their power — and with that, their likelihood of winning:

  • Strength
  • Resilience
  • Agility
  • Wisdom

You may recognize these attributes from other games — especially RPGs — as we wanted to have something that is familiar to people who have played other games.

Maybe it’s obvious — “Strength” resembles the physical strength of an avatar. Strength is very useful when it comes to hit an opponent and cause damage.

Often also referred to as “Defense” or “Resistance”. In Chain Clash, avatars with more Resilience are less prone to taking damage and they are generally better at resisting attacks.

An avatar’s ability to move fast, escape hits and to hit an opponent themselves. Other games might call this “Dexterity”, too.

The trickiest one, because it’s the least obvious. Avatars with a lot of Wisdom know better how to hit, where, and to foresee the opponent’s movements.

Based on these attributes, your moves in clashes will be more or less effective. While we’re still balancing the game (that’s why we’re in private beta, after all), rest assured that we’ll make sure that no attribute is overly valuable or worthless.

Other attributes

Apart from those four base attributes we also have other important parameters which will finally determine your success in the game.


Whenever your avatars clash, they will most likely suffer some damage from the fight which they will have to recover.

Health automatically recovers at a certain rate, but your avatars will not be able to exceed their maximum health. Both the maximum and the recovery rate will be based on your progress in the game, though.


For each clash, your avatars gain experience. They gain (significantly) more for wins than for losses, so make sure you’ll have a successful avatar.

In the future, there will also be ways to gain experience through other tasks than clashing.


Once your avatar reaches a certain experience threshold it will level up. When reaching the next level, your avatar’s attributes will improve based on its genetics (more on that in one of the next Feature Spotlights).


The Score indicates the overall success and progress of the avatar. The higher the Score, the more achievements the avatar can get, the more arenas he or she can access.

Where this will go

The clashing and the attributes are the core elements of Chain Clash around which everything else will revolve. We have no short-term plans to make significant adjustments to those; however, there are tons of aspects on our roadmap which will be interdependent with them to keep all of you interested in clashing, leveling up and moving higher and higher.

Apart from the competitive and character enhancement aspects of the game, we will also be adding more mechanics for how you can interact with one another, and which role clans actually have.

Stay tuned, and leave your comments below to let us know what you think!

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