Chain Clash private beta starts tomorrow!

Sebastian Reinholz
Jul 31, 2019 · 3 min read

The time has come! Our private beta test starts tomorrow. After quite a while of ideation, building, iterating and preparing, our first closed beta test is finally starting. We’re super excited and hope you’re too!

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Just a few weeks back we’ve left stealth mode, and announced our private beta test. We’re really glad about the interest people have shown as well as all the signups for the beta.
Since it’s essential to get as much feedback and input as early as possible, we can’t wait to get all of our testers into the game!

Why we’re doing a beta test

Game development is a complex and long-dated task. Getting from ideation to concept and developing the first builds can and has to take a good amount of time. Although we’ve just left stealth mode, the journey of creating Chain Clash has actually started over a year ago. We’ve spent quite a bit of time at the drawing board, and have been developing bits and pieces of the game ever since (read the whole background story here). While the core features of Chain Clash have been developed, we’re still working on the first “final” release version of the game. We’re still iterating over several elements, which we believe greatly impact the gameplay experience.

However, at some point during the game development process, it becomes crucial to get feedback and opinions from the outside world. With Chain Clash, we’ve reached this point, which is why we’ve decided to start a closed beta test. Even if the game is not polished and some features are still in development, we are eager to let people tell us what they think of the game concept and the core mechanics.

With this beta test, our general goals are:

  • testing the general game concept in terms of appeal and complexity

Ultimately, we want to be able to identify crucial feedback and potential improvements as early as possible to better judge the state of the game concept, as well as the appeal of the game mechanics.

How the beta will be done

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been engaging with people from the gaming community to find interested testers for Chain Clash. We will onboard the testers in batches in the course of the upcoming weeks. The test will start with a stripped-down version of the game. Over time, we’ll gradually activate more and more features and UI elements. This incremental approach will allow us to collect as much in-depth feedback for each specific feature as possible. While it’s important to learn if the game and concept as a whole is fun to play, it’s essential for us to also understand the impact of each mechanic and feature on gameplay and balancing. Each week, a new set of features and game elements will be activated, providing sufficient time to the players to extensively test each aspect of it as well as the impact it might have. The beta test will run for several weeks, giving us enough leeway to pursue the testing agenda we’ve planned.

Interested in joining the beta?

It’s not too late to join our private beta test! Learn more about the game and beta, and join the discussions in Discord. Simply let us know that you’re interested and why you’re a good fit. Joining the beta test squad will give you access to exclusive channels in Discord, as well as a special in-game reward once the game goes public! You’ll find all the info in our Discord.

Oh and by the way…

We’ve launched a new website today! Go check it out to get a foretaste of what’s to come and see an android avatar in action ;)
You can also sign up for the beta and our newsletter while you’re there!

Follow us (@chainclash) to never miss any Chain Clash news again!

Join our Discord for latest news and clashes!

Also, get more info about what we’re building at

Find us on:

And visit our brand-new website!

Chain Clash

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