Chain Clash Private Beta Update #1

Sebastian Reinholz
Aug 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Chain Clash is a new, free-to-play, mobile-first collectible and battle game, powered by blockchain. In case you’re new to Chain Clash, start with this introductory post, to learn about the game.

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The battle of the crypto clans has begun…

Two and a half weeks ago, on August 1st, we’ve started the first private beta test of Chain Clash. Ever since, our testers have been trying the ins and outs of our game. Arenas have been running hot of all the merciless clashing and avatars got pumped up in the gym…

In this post, we want to share a brief recap of what has happened throughout the beta so far and will take a look at each clan’s performance.

Bitcoin — a lot of proponents, but also the strongest ones?

Our testers have managed to acquire and play with a total of 180 avatars already. Although every crypto clan has received some love, there’s clearly a favored one when it comes to the number of avatars. It seems like, even in an EOS game, the Bitcoiners are dominant!

Here’s the number of avatars per clan:

  • #1 — Bitcoin: 59
  • #2 — Ethereum: 35
  • #3 — EOS: 33
  • #4 — Tron: 30
  • #5 — Bitcoin Cash: 23

However, quantity isn’t everything, right? Even a hoard of avatars might lose the battle if the opponent is stronger. Let’s take a look at the average strength of the avatars across each clan (based on the two attributes “fitness” and “diet). Spoiler: whatever our testers did to their Ethereum avatars, it worked!

  • #1 — Ethereum: 88 fitness, 80 diet
  • #2 — EOS: 61 fitness, 52 diet
  • #3 — Bitcoin Cash: 52 fitness, 54 diet
  • #4 — Bitcoin: 48 fitness, 41 diet
  • #5 — Tron: 40 fitness, 36 diet

Ultimately, clashing in the arena is what counts

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to have quite an advantage when it comes to the size of the clan or the strength of each member, ultimately, only what happens in the arena counts. We have some numbers for that as well… surprise!

First, let’s see which clan was most active when it comes to clashing. Out of a whopping 1200 clashes in total, each clan has participated in:

  • #1 — Bitcoin: 726 clashes
  • #2 — Ethereum: 455 clashes
  • #3 — Bitcoin Cash: 425 clashes
  • #4 — Tron: 420 clashes
  • #5 — EOS 374 clashes

This time Bitcoin is not only dominant due to the volume, but also when looking at the results. Here’s the average win rate per clan:

  • #1 — Bitcoin: 52,8%
  • #2 — Ethereum: 52,7%
  • #3 — Bitcoin Cash: 49,5%
  • #4 — Tron: 47,3%
  • #5 — EOS: 44,8%

Despite spending day and night in the gym, it seems like the Ethereum avatars yet have to translate their strength into actual fighting power!

Random facts

To end this first post of our beta update series, here are two very useful random facts:

  • 595.429 Chain Clash Beta (CCB) tokens have been handed out to testers already (that’s the dummy token we’re using as an in-game currency in the beta version)
  • out of all fight moves, “dodge” has been used the most (4076 times in total)

It has been really fun to see our testers engaging in the game, clashing their avatars off, and providing us with great feedback! With what we have in the pipeline for the upcoming weeks, we’re already excited to see how our testers will react and how that translates into the game.

To learn more about our beta and what the testers are doing in Chain Clash, stay tuned on our blog!

If you want to join the beta, or just want to learn more about the game in general, make sure to visit our website or join Discord.

Chain Clash

Chain Clash — battle of the crypto clans

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