Feature spotlight: Arenas

Adrian Krion
Jul 22, 2019 · 4 min read

Today we’re starting a weekly feature spotlight series. The goal is to give you a bit of insight about some of the current or upcoming features in Chain Clash. Each week we’ll dive into one feature, discuss its role in our game and talk about potential extensions in the future.

Let’s get right into it.

We’re introducing: Arenas

If you’ve ever wondered how we match clash contestants against one another in Chain Clash, we have the answer for you: Arenas!

Arenas are places users select for their avatars to find and clash with an opposing avatar. Only avatars in the same arena can clash, and their results are represented based on the arena they were fighting in.

Arenas give us a lot of flexibility regarding a whole bunch of game aspects, such as:

  • Backgrounds/venues for the actual fighting scenes
  • Balanced matchmaking
  • Adding various types of competitions to the game
  • Adding specific rewards for winning avatars

We’ll dig into more detail a little further into this post, let’s first start with how arenas are represented in Chain Clash.

How do I choose an arena?

Whenever you’re about to start a clash:

  1. You choose one of your avatars for clashing
  2. The game will ask you to select an arena
    a. Arenas typically have entry restrictions, so you can only select an arena that fits the avatar’s properties
  3. You can select a clash strategy by picking a set of five moves for the clash
    a. You can also choose to use your default strategy
    b. Your strategy might depend on the chosen arena (not so much now, but in the future)

Now, if the game is able to find an opponent in the arena for you within the next 15–20 seconds, you will directly see the animated clash sequence and the results. If there’s nobody around, your clash request will be stored on the blockchain until somebody else requests a clash that can be matched with yours.

In any case, you will be able to view the fight sequence and the results in your clash history.

Types of arenas

We’ll start out with only a few arenas in order to keep the likelihood of finding an opponent high and the time to do so low.

The first arenas will simply be based on the ranking score of the avatar. They will only allow avatars within a certain score range to participate in them. Once your score gets too high (or low) for one arena your avatar will automatically be eligible for the next higher (or lower) arena. This will allow us to balance the matchmaking of the game in a flexible way, by adding or removing tiers whenever needed. It’s basically like a league system.

As mentioned above, you will be able to recognize the arenas immediately in each of your fighting sequences as awesome high-res 3D-backgrounds.

The future of arenas

We already have a ton of ideas for other arenas and arena types:

  • Arenas boosting specific attributes or moves
  • Arenas only accessible to specific clans
  • Arenas potentially having permanent effects on the losing / winning avatar
  • Arenas with special challenges and rewards

Let us give you some examples:

The BTC — BCH battle arena

You’ve always wanted to kick the asses of the “traitors” who activated SegWit, but didn’t double the block size of Bitcoin as had been agreed in the SegWit2x compromise? Or on the other hand, you don’t believe that “Bitcoin Cash is the actual Bitcoin”? So let’s have an arena that can only be used by BTC and BCH avatars, and a BTC one will always be matched against a BCH one. The better community (clan) will win!

The volcano

Imagine a volcano full of hot, molten mining rigs. Two avatars standing on a platform right above (or inside) the crater beating the s*** out of one another. The losing avatar has a small likelihood of falling off the platform and into the pulsing mass of mining rig lava, with the unrecoverable effect of the token being burned — literally! Would you fight in such an arena? What would we need to offer you in order to do so?

Arena-specific leaderboards

Each arena will also come with its own leaderboard. This will only take into account the clashes that you’ve performed in this specific arena. That way it might happen that if you’re “too good” for an arena, you actually qualify out of it too quickly to make it to the top of the leaderboard.


Because of the flexibility of what arenas can represent and how we can structure them, along with the leaderboards, we will be able to hold contests and challenges based on specific arenas. A contest arena could only be available for a limited period of time, and during this time every clash counts towards the leaderboard. The best avatars will get some awesome rewards once the contest period is over. Simple, but effective.

Closing thoughts

We hope we could familiarize you with one of the core concepts of Chain Clash — the arenas. While we have heaps of ideas around arenas and how we’ll be able to utilize them, we don’t want to spoil the fun of finding out what kinds of arenas will actually make it into the game and also testing some of the ideas in beta.

Still, we’d love to hear how you feel about the general idea of arenas and, specifically, which kinds of arenas you’d like to clash in. Let us know your creative ideas about what other arena types or specific arenas you can imagine, as well as visual ideas that come along with that. Feel free to comment on this post or join our Discord to be in the HQ for discussions.

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