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Jul 29 · 4 min read

Here we go with a new edition of our weekly Feature Spotlight. This time we want to discuss the Marketplace for Chain Clash, and what you’ll be able to do there.

The marketplace in Chain Clash is the place where you can stock up on additional avatars, training tickets or you can sell some of your avatars to other players. In the future, there will be more items and things in the game, all of which will be tradable via the marketplace.

Buy basic items / avatars

The first thing we’re covering are basic items and basic avatars that you can buy at fixed rates from us. Any item bought this way is an object on the blockchain and will be created new when someone buys them.

Training tickets can currently only be used inside Chain Clash (you can use them to boost your training, and soon do some more exciting things), so we decided to not make them actual tokens. You can buy training tickets in larger batches to save money — the more you buy, the more you save ;-) currently, we have batches of 1, 10, 50 or 100 tickets that you can buy at increasing discounts. The final prices and discounts will be determined through our tests, so we won’t publish them upfront.

How you can use training tickets (basically, training!) will be the topic of one of our next Feature Spotlights.

Newly bought basic avatars will be newly minted non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the EOS blockchain. We support the DGoods standard for our avatar NFTs so they will compatible with a plethora of wallets and tools. All new avatars obviously start at level 1, no training and 0 experience, and they get a default name which you can change once the avatar is yours.

Avatar trading

You can buy and sell avatars in the market. Peer-to-peer trading of avatars is done via reverse auctions. This means that you submit a starting (maximum) price and a minimum price for your sale, as well as a duration through which the price will go from the maximum to the minimum price in a linear fashion. Any user willing to pay the current price can just buy the avatar by paying at least the current price. As soon as that happens, the avatar changes owners.

Sounds too complex? Let’s have an example:
You’re selling “Beastie” and you want no less than 1 EOS for this avatar, but would like to take the upside if someone’s willing to pay more for her. You set the starting price at 11 EOS, and the duration to 240 hours, meaning that the price will be reduced by 1 EOS per day until it reaches 1 EOS.

We’ve chosen this path because we wanted to give players some flexibilities around:
The minimum price they want to achieve for their avatar
An upside on selling
The possibility of selling the avatar immediately (without a 7-day waiting period)
Buyers to immediately get value for their money (no need to wait)

Anybody who has played Cryptokitties will also be familiar with this kind of market mechanic.

Premium avatar auctions

Unlike basic avatar sales and peer-to-peer trading, we also run auctions to sell the very limited editions of our special avatars as well as the real humans that we’ll have in the game. As we don’t want to set lower or upper bounds for the price of a digital likeness of a living human we decided to use an ebay-like auction mechanic for this type of avatar sale. The auction will have varying durations (likely between 1 and 7 days) and a very low starting price. Anybody can make their bids and the highest bidder will win the auction (and get the avatar) once the auction has ended. The cool aspect of such auctions on a blockchain is that there is no credit risk at all:
Every user making the highest bid will have to pay an amount of EOS immediately which is higher than the last highest bid; this is to avoid non-paying winners of auctions and hassle to assign to second bidders or re-runs of the auction
If a user gets over-bid by someone else, they get their money back immediately to their EOS account. The can immediately start using it for whatever they want — this can of course include bidding again

Once the auction has ended, the winner of the auction will be able to claim his avatar immediately.

Note that the auctioned avatars are unique copies of a limited edition avatar. Therefore, we create them before the auction and you know exactly which one you’re bidding for.

Closing thoughts

We wanted to give you some insights into the different market mechanics within Chain Clash along with some explanation of the thoughts that went into those. We highly appreciate your feedback for these mechanism and will thoroughly explore their pros and cons throughout our test phases.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or join our Discordto discuss!

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Chain Clash

Chain Clash — battle of the crypto clans

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Chain Clash

Chain Clash — battle of the crypto clans

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