How Chain Clash happened (part III)

Adrian Krion
Jul 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Here we go with the 3rd part of the history of Chain Clash. We left where our avatar protagonists met to discuss the way forward. Read the first and second part if you didn’t yet.

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Five avatars which have been in the Clash Block since the beginning and survived millions of clashes, though, realize what’s at stake and decide for a ceasefire in order to meet and find a solution:

Vladimir Vabtcarius: “We need to stop this, folks, or we all are gonna die.”

Neal Nabchels: “I can’t stand you and your small-block ass!”

Alfi Atron: “I never really understood what you guys are talking about, but it surely isn’t real scaling either way.”

Bearreth Bender: “Says the one who bluntly stole half of the tech from Ethereum.”

Kirk Kareleos: “Others didn’t have to steal anything and still have the best tech…”

Vladimir, slamming his fist on the imaginary table:
“In any case, we need to solve the clashes. We’re becoming more and more avatars, the space in Clash Block is almost used up and really, no one of us wants it to implode.”

“We finally need consensus!”, shouts Bearreth.

“D-Pos, D-Pos, D-Pos!!!”, both Alfi and Kirk start chiming.

Neal: “This isn’t gonna work. We need something for clashes. We need a way of finding out which coin is the real Bitcoin…ehm…I mean, the best coin!”

And that was the starting point for Proof-of-Clash, the multi-chain consensus protocol for coins and their clashing avatars. Months of frantic work are ahead of our five avatars, no sleeping, no training and — of course — no clashing for them until they’ve found a solution.

June 8th, 2019:
Proof-of-clash is almost ready and the white paper has been published. Our five designers foresee to use the Clash Block as genesis block for a Clash Chain, a blockchain to create consensus amongst all the coins.

June 24th, 2019:
The test net of Clash Chain is ready, and a first application is being developed to finally settle the disputes between coins and their communities — Chain Clash. Main net launch is scheduled to happen in August. Alfi, Bearreth, Kirk, Neal, and Vladi can only hope that Clash Block will last until then.

August 1st, 2019:
Chain Clash goes in private beta and thousands and thousands of avatars are dispensing from the Clash Block into Clash Chain and Chain Clash. Finally, they’ve got space to move and clash and can live their happy lives full of grudge and pain, constantly training and fightings against one another.

August 4th, 2019:
The clashes don’t end. Proof-of-clash works, but despite its scaling abilities, it seems it is not able to keep up with the millions and millions of avatars pouring into Chain Clash. Our five protagonists meet again to discuss their options…

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