How Chain Clash happened (part IV)

Adrian Krion
Jul 16, 2019 · 3 min read

We’re back with out story where our five protagonists Alfi, Bearreth, Kirk, Neal and Vladimir debate on what to do. At this point, it’s entirely unclear what the consequences of them failing may be.

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August 4th, 2019:
The clashes don’t end. Proof-of-clash works, but despite its scaling abilities, it seems it is not able to keep up with the millions and millions of avatars pouring into Chain Clash. The risks of a chain burst cannot be neglected, so our five protagonists meet again to discuss their options.

Kirk: “It seems the only thing that scales is still EOOOOSSS, booya!”

Alfi: “Ehem.”

Bearreth: :facepalm: “We need help. There’s no other option to save us. We have to ask our creators for help. Let’s send some spam txs to some people from the real world, maybe they can…”


Neal: :schulterzucken: “Our creators? You mean those human meat bags, that are basically the reason we’re in this situation in the first place?! Just because they couldn’t take care of their on-chain actions… Isn’t there a better way?”

Kirk starts “Our creators, yes! But there sure is a better way than spam transactions! Just yell…“, but gets interrupted by Bearreth: “Then you just do whatever you feel like doing, but reach out to them!”

Alfi interrupts “OMG, I know how! Let’s talk to our friend Willy, the Twitter Whale Alert bot. I’m sure he’ll help us to get the humans’ attention!“.

And so Vladi, Neal, Kirk, Bearreth and Alfi add together all of what they have, to create the biggest transaction they possibly can, in the hopes they can convince Willy to post about it on Twitter. Leaving traces of how to establish contact in the transaction memo, some humans actually start to investigate and reach out…

Only a few days later, after heated discussions with some of the greatest and brightest minds in the blockchain world, a solution has been found to rescue Clash Chain, and potentially the entire world — or say, the universe, to make it even more dramatic. With the help of one particularly bright tech entrepreneur they’ve figured out a way for humans to beam their likenesses into Clash Chain to participate in finding consensus and mining. What it actually means is: humans who clash!

Everyone’s hopes are high that this could be the solution for the Proof-of-Clash and the consensus. After all, who would be in a better position to bring law and order to the chains than the humans, the creators themselves?

A few weeks in, clashes between the crypto avatars and their clans are led by some of their biggest proponents, much more powerful than any of the avatars could ever imagine. They immediately started kicking asses and crushing their opponents, but the sheer mass of avatars on Clash Chain still makes it challenging for the linked humans to keep up with the load.

The will of Proof-of-Clash has it that clans fight until the block’s end, rewarding the most aggressive, most clashing ones, to soothe their rage — just to start a new competition in the next block. We can only hope and do our best to help keep Clash Chain going. Only if the competition continues, our world can survive. Even if this means, that the fighters will be trapped in fighting to win a block, for eternity.

We hope you enjoyed the background story on how Chain Clash was created. Feel free to look up our five avatar Alfi, Bearreth, Kirk, Neal and Vladimir, and stay tuned for exciting news on which humans will actually make it into the game.

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