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Theo Goodman
Mar 21, 2019 · 7 min read

It is the time of the year for startups that have raised millions to shill us about how they are going to change the world make bank and get us lambos if we buy in.

It is the time of the year for wishful gatekeepers to rub their hands together as they dream of holding the key to the DLT walled gardens and subsequently their bank account going to the moon.

It is the time of the year for morally correct crusaders to tell us that everything is a scam, just hodl.

Are you ready?

The only problem is that the startups that raised millions, the gatekeepers holding the bank’s hand and the moral crusaders forgot to invest time and money into public speaking. Brace yourself for some of the most boring, ketamine-induced k-hole, drone hypnotics talks ever created. Even when the people have something of merit to say, the message is lost in monotone reading the power point presentation to us of which is full of words. Almost as if reading to a child before they go to sleep, and sleep it may cause.

It doesn´t matter

The main value of the conferences are not the keynotes, talks or panels. The value is meeting people that you normally talk shit to online, in person. This is the time when you put your shitpositng to the side and drink together. This is the time to stand behind the personal attacks you launched online against someone, or to make amends, the choice is yours.

Here are a few conferences and events that I will be attending or speaking at that I think are worth mentioning. Since it is a bear market, I even have a few discount codes for you.

Coinfest UK

April 4–6th Manchester UK

Coinfest takes place in Manchester England and is one of the few conferences left that does not have a corporate, enterprise and blockchain bullshit vibe. The venue is great because it has a large theater for the talks, a pub will full menu and outdoor terrace, and an expo room with stands. Besides that, there are other smaller rooms for workshops and media. The event is free and Ryanair flys to Manchester (damn I am not a Ryanair affiliate so no shill link) so even in a bear market there is no excuse not to go. You might know Thomas hunt aka “Mad Bitcoins” from World Crypto Network. He will be attending and there might be a chance for a live in person “The Bitcoin Group”.

This was a highlight last year, you had to grab the most fiat to win some crypto

Final panel last year: Theo Goodman, Obi Nwosu, CEO and co-founder of Coinfloor, Danny Brewster, Dominik Thor and Landry Ntahe discuss cryptocurrency regulation and adoption at CoinFest UK

Free Tickets:

Magical Crypto Conference

11–12 May 2019, New York

By the looks of it, you might mistake this for an Ethereum conference. There are plenty of cartoon animals that might remind you of dancing unicorns and rainbows at some of the Ethereum events. Do not let that fool you! This conference is full of the toxic crypto community. The most maximalist extremists like Samson Mow, Whale Panda or Austin Alexander. There are even former SEC, Monero maximalists and Litecoin evangelists all at the same conference. There are even rumors of a whiskey waterfall! What more could you ask for?


Still working on a discount code for this one

Ethereal Summit

May 10–11 NYC

At the same time pony, pandas and other animals are active at another event going on at the same time there will be plenty of rainbows, unicorns and general crypto weirdness going on at the Ethereal summit. If you want to see what is going on in the Etherium world besides technical discussions about how to implement sharding, proof of stake or when the mining reward should be reduced then this is the place. Expect art, Vitalk shrines, unicorn t-shirts, and general ETH fandom. I want to go to both MCC and Ethereal, let´s see if I can pull it off.

Art auction on May 12th, but will there be a pepe?


Sir, discount code?


May 13th — 15th NYC

Maybe the biggest conference of the year. Let´s see just how many people come out in a bear market. This year the event is at two hotels across the street from each other, the Hilton and the Sheraton on 53rd street. Regardless if you want to buy a ticket and attend the talks and panels or just hang out in the hotel lobby it is worth going to just to meet people. There is even a discount code!

May 13th


Discount code: j4n8s7b1

Rare Arts Festival RAREAF 2


If you survived blockchain week and are still in the New York area then you need to check out RAREAF, not only is it Rare As Fuck but it is the only place with such a high concentration of artistic and creative energy related to blockchain that you will find on earth. If you want to know what is going on the blockchain art world and meet all of the movers and shakers, in person, this is where you want to be.

May 18th NYC

Blockchainhotel Confernce

30–31 May Essen, Germany


This is a one of a kind conference. The venue “Unperfekthaus” is an experience in itself. This conference always has good talks and of course the rooftop. One of the few conferences left where people talk about what they really think without fear of their sponsors or VCs pulling the rug out from under them. There is a real mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds. From anarchist to enterprise private blockchain to noob. This is a must-attend event and I am speaking so, of course, you have to go.

The suits are learning….



June 14–15 Berlin

Last years event took place in Hamburg and was a very unique event. I don´t think I have ever been to any kind of conference that had its own jazz band that would just start playing in the expo area or between speakers. This years event will take place in a very unique venue, not your typical convention hall or hotel but at the legendary Berlin Holzmarkt home to the techno club Katerblau. The speaker line up is stacked: Brock Pierce, Fluffy Pony, Alena Vranova, but that is not all! Economist Hans-Werner Sinn not the typical blockchain and bitcoin confernce speaker will also be there. Unchain also does a good job mixing in culture, music, and party with crypto, economics, and political themes. Like last year there will be a cruise on the river. Check out the highlights from last year in the video.


Transylvania Crypto Conference

10–13 October Cluj-Napoca Romaina

“Meet us in the Heart of Transylvania

The land of Vlad the Impaler and the legends of Dracula.”

Need I say more? The first ever Transylvania Crypto Conference at La Villa Hill Resort with a wide range of speakers including Peter Todd, Pierre Rochard, and Mr. Bitcoin Error Log John Carvalho. When was the last time you visited Transylvania?


There is more!

Tired of crypto during the NYC blockchain week? Head up to Boston and check out what is going on in the gambling industry at ICE North America.

Blockchain Talks has a series of three events from June 3–4th covering blockchain for Humanity, Defi, Tokeneconomics and Women in tech. Part of Dutch Blockchain Week.

time to get technical

If you want to get down in the nitty gritty of bitcoin technical discussions then breaking bitcoin is the place to be.

AAC is free to the public if you ever wanted to check out what is going on in the gambling industry it is a good starting point and a good excuse to vist Amsterdam in the summer.

If you would rather vist Spain than Amsterdam or you could fit in both then check out the Barcelona Trading Confernce that has a focus on crypto trading and exchanges.


June 25–26 is the Bitcoin 2019 Conf in San Francisco. It will also feature a Bitcoin Art Gallery and art auction that will have high levels of fomodynamics, not to be missed.

Then let me know in the comments below or contact me on twitter.

See you soon at one of these events.

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Stories of distrust, consensus and money

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