The Top Questions to ask at the Crypto Assets Conference

Theo Goodman
Jan 30 · 5 min read

The Crypto Assets Conference as part of the „German Blockchain Week“ is upon us again for the second year in a row. This time around there are some new and returning faces to the event. It takes place behind the ivory towers of the Frankfurt School for Finance and Management (not to be confused with a quite different Frankfurter Schule). Have the bears scared away the attendees from daring to pay for a ticket this year? Will the large auditorium be full of insightful discussion, critical questions and new ideas or will the tumbleweed blow by as the bears are still out of hibernation? Let´s have a closer look at some of the speakers at the Crypto Assets Conference and get the discussion started now.

The four quarters of bear can the unicorn jump over?

Kraken is building up a war chest……


Austin Alexander will be joining us again from the exchange Kraken. Recently Kraken announced that it is offering private equity shares to accredited investors. Kraken says that it wants to build up its war chest to acquire companies during the bear market.

What kinds of companies is Kraken looking to invest in?

Can you predict the future of prediction markets?


Building decentral prediction markets is a noble cause and could even help to build some forms of governance in the future. However, this will all depend on participation. Currently, the volume at Augur another decentral prediction market on the Ethereum blockchain is about 80 ETH and a lot of the markets on the centralized prediction market fairly do not have high volumes and it seems that the dice game is more popular than any of the other markets.

How are you going to onboard more users to Gnosis to make predictions?

If everyone used EURS would it be easier to push interest rates even lower?


There are currently so many stable coins on the market, there is a stable coin in nearly every pitch deck, at every meetup, and at nearly every exchange. All of these stable coins are fighting for liquidity in the same market and are not very different from each other in features. Considering that the main „feature“ of a stable coin in the current market would be to have liquidity and the ability to onboard and offboard with low friction EURS is going to have to be not only a slightly better option to the other stablecoins but also have a unique value proposition in order to gain traction.

Tether uses offshore banking and that is one of the reasons it is used. How does EURS plan on getting the same amount of traction as Tether?

Is XRP Ripple or is Ripple XRP ?


There is a difference between Ripple and XRP. However, there is a lot of confusion out there on the relation between the two and if XRP is a security or not. On the Ripple webpage describing the difference between XRP and Ripple under the question „Who owns it“ (XRP) „the founders, and employees who hold stock in Ripple.

Is XRP Ripple stock?

Would you like to advertise on Coin Market Cap?

Coin Market Cap

During the bull run of 2018 Coin Market Cap allowed the company “Bitconnect” to run ads on their site. In fact, for a while, they were the ONLY ad on the site. This was an obvious ponzi and there are people that are currently being prosecuted in relation to promoting bitcoinnect product.

Has CMC been contacted related to the promotion of bitconnect?

bit conneccccctttttttt!

Some general questions to think about. The website Crypto Assets Conference says the following:

STOs are the new, mature version of ICOs and many expect STOs to disrupt entrepreneurial and corporate finance.

Considering that one of the main advantages of ICOs was the liquidity and lack of friction to raise money and take part in the ICO itself, this is not the case with STOs. There are few if any marketplaces, much less liquidity for STOs. There is no standard on what STOs represent, equity, reversible bond, or stock options. Beyond that, the friction to join any STO exchange will be much higher than one that has ICO tokens.

Besides the possibility of offering more liquidity compared to standard securities what are the main advantages of STOs to traditional forms of securities?

“Big companies are filing for blockchain patents, mass adoption is just a matter of time.”

What place do patents have in an open source and transparent ecosystem have?

Frankfurt am Main

There are plenty of other interesting guests that will speak at the Crypto Asset Conference, Alexander Höptner from Borse Stuttgart will speak, will this be a launch announcement for the long-awaited Bison App?

Co-organizers KI Group has now said goodbye to the project base58 and merged it with Crypto Monday. Can we expect the same high quality reporting from Crypto Monday at the conference? What meetups are you going to that are part of the German Blockchain week and did you get invited to some of the exclusive invite-only events?

See you there…

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Chain of Thoughts

Stories of distrust, consensus and money

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