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ChainAnex New Partnership with the Rigel Protocol Platform!

Dear ChainAnex community, we’re delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Rigel Protocol!

Rigel Protocol is a Blockchain Decentralized protocol for a diverse set of DeFi products. A protocol built to improve and touch up existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features while introducing several innovative DeFi products to propel scalability, security in the Blockchain, user experience and adoption.

ChainAnex will carry out the CAX token pre-sale through the Rigel Protocol Launchpad, in order to profit from the capabilities, features and large community around this Decentralized Application.

The Rigel Protocol Launchpad is an end to end tokenization platform combining a technology solution with key compliance and legal aspects.

Early Rigel Protocol Launchpad Investors would enjoy several advantages like a share in the voting fees and priority access in future platform launches.

Stay tuned for the ChainAnex token (CAX) pre-sale start!

Meanwhile, you can get FREE tokens with our ChainanexAirdropBot on Telegram.

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