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Introduction to ChainAnex. Cross-Chain Solutions at One Place

Overview of the Industry Current Limitations

Most Decentralized Applications (DApps) are created using specific blockchains, so their functionality is restricted to one Network by default. Users who want to trade coins outside this blockchain need to find other platforms that could support a specific coin. This is not a listing problem, it’s intrinsically linked to the coin’s programmability.

Users need a multi-chain ecosystem with Liquidity Pools and Staking where they can create a healthy portfolio safely and within one platform. However, this platform must be secure enough to gain the absolute trust of involved or potential users.


Multi-Blockchain Support

ChainAnex offers users an ecosystem that supports multiple chains to ensure massive participation and smart contract support. We believe that one of the significant drawbacks of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is the restriction of communication between blockchains. Therefore, to promote global adoption, means of cross-blockchain communication are essential.

Cross-Chain Solutions

Cross-Chain trading, swapping, farming and more at one place. Our application allows users to swap CAX (ChainAnex Native Token) and other EVM tokens across different blockchains reducing needless switches between different platforms.

Strengthen Security & Risk Management

We offer improved end-to-end cryptographic data encryption, ensuring better security for users. We are constantly working on new security measures to guarantee the best safe and up to date environment for the platform users.


Cross-Chain Swapping

  • For Already Existing Tokens

ChainAnex enables users to swap their CAX and other EVM compatible tokens across multiple chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and other EVM chains. Already existing tokens can easily be transferred between networks, provided there’s enough cross-chain liquidity to support the process.

  • For Non-Existing Tokens

New tokens not tied yet to any specific chain can be easily added on the ChainAnex platform by the project’s teams or users holding at least 0.01% of the total supply of that EVM Token through ChainAnex minting secure algorithm.

Cross-Chain Mining

Liquidity Providers (LPs) on the ChainAnex platform will support the ChainAnex cross-chain mechanism and benefit from annual rewards over 35% in fee shares.

Cross-Chain Trading

ChainAnex allows users to trade coins built on different chains fast and with cheaper fees with just a single click. E.g., traders can easily swap USDT (ERC-20) for SHIB (BEP-20). The trade will be completed within seconds.

CAX Staking

CAX token holders can invest their tokens through our stake/farming mechanism and receive attractive rewards in CAX and other stipulated tokens.


The ChainAnex Token (CAX) is the native token for the ChainAnex Platform. All transaction fees within our ecosystem are to be deducted in CAX tokens.

Token Name: ChainAnex Token

Ticker: CAX

Supported Chains: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, OKEx Chain

Maximum Supply: 50,000,000 CAX

Fundraising Allocation: 45,000,000 CAX (90%)

Liquidity Allocation: 4,000,000 CAX (8%)

Referral System Allocation: 1,000,000 CAX (2%)

CAX Referral System

Users will earn free CAX tokens anytime they invite family and friends to use our platform. Referrals are based on an algorithm that calculates the first trade completed by your referred user based on current system requirements and set parameters.

Why ChainAnex?

  • Zero team Allocation
  • Zero Marketing Allocation
  • 35% profits/fee sharing model
  • Voting Mechanism for CAX token holders

For a complete info about ChainAnex and all its features and developments, please take a look at our White Paper.

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