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Keplr First Birthday Event: Winners Announcement

Best Meme, Most Educative Tweet Thread & Keplr Special Award

Dear Community,

What an incredible competition has been!

We couldn’t be prouder of the commitment and passion showed by the +120 participants, truly in line with what Keplr’s Anniversary means to us.

And if that last one isn’t clear, please take a couple of minutes to go over the history of Keplr and what’s coming up next via the tweet thread by Josh Lee, Chainapsis CEO & Co-Founder.

The Chainapsis team has been incredibly impressed by the talent shown by our community, so much that we’re already working on new initiatives with their collaboration.

We look forward to organizing new events like this, not only to find new talents but especially to give back to our community all the love and support it gives us every day.

🐕 Best Meme Contest: Winners

🏆 Best meme (judges)
$100 in $ATOM each

🎖 Memes Ranked 2–10 (judges)
$25 in $ATOM each
Phillip M
Santiago Keith Daryl
Crypto Pro Goat
Mr Chain

🏆 Best meme (community)
$100 in $ATOM
Santiago Keith Daryl

🏆 Best MEME (judges + community)
$200 in $ATOM
Santiago Keith Daryl

🐈 Most Educative Tweet Thread Contest

🏆 Most Educative Tweet Thread (judges)
$100 in $ATOM

🎖 Tweet Thread Ranked 2–10 (judges)
$25 in $ATOM each
Philip M
Patrik Lidin
Hakan Duran
Santiago Keith Daryl
Cedric Ignacio

🏆 Most Educative Tweet Thread (community)
$100 in $ATOM
Santiago Keith Daryl

🏆 Most Educative Tweet Thread (judges+ community)
$200 in $ATOM
Santiago Keith Daryl

🔥 Keplr Special Award 🔥

$10 in $ATOM each to 20 participants
• Pekbi
• Pmuecke
• SkyHigh DeFi
• HawkeyeNewt
• airdrops_id
• joe valentine
• TicoJohnny
• Angelina gomz
• Mhel M.
• Philip M
• Gabbermixer
• Deb Chakraborty
• Alan Brother
• Febriyannn
• Hishem Feres
• K’
• Century
• Chef Crypto
• Born2Win

💰 How to claim your Reward

The winners must reach out @catdotfish via Telegram with the username indicated in the submission form, confirming the $ATOM address in which they want to receive the reward.
Rewards will be distributed in a max of 4 days from the moment you will get in touch with us and the transaction hash will be sent to you as confirmation.

We’ll not be responsible for ‘missing’ funds if the transaction were successful to the destination address (the one indicated by you), so please check carefully the address before sending it for confirmation to @catdotfish.



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