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Chainbeat — Analytics for Web 3.0

Analyther is now Chainbeat.

We launched Analyther in May to provide blockchain data insights that help understand usage and behavioral metrics for smart contracts running on Ethereum. Our eventual goal has always been to be THE data insights and analytics platform for web 3.0 — providing real-time data on users interacting with smart contracts instead of some made-up metrics. As with the early stages of any new technology innovation, there are many different blockchains that provide infrastructure in which applications for web 3.0 are being built. Providing data insights on all these platforms would help everyone involved in these platforms with new ways of looking at things.

We started off with Ethereum, hence the name Analyther — Analytics for Ethereum. Now we are expanding our offerings to include analytics from other blockchains and become the first cross-blockchain analytics platform for web 3.0. To reflect our new positioning we are rebranding Analyther to now be called Chainbeat. We love the name and what it represents.

We are starting this journey with the addition of analytics for RSK in addition to Ethereum.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Every blockchain platform is its own ecosystem — with its own set of rules, developer tools, apps, etc. In order to get in-depth analytics or activity metrics, we have to use an ecosystem specific tool. In many cases, there might not be any such tools and the only way to get this information is to connect directly with the blockchain, which is hard and time-consuming.

Chainbeat aims to solve this problem by aiming to become the first cross-blockchain analytics platform. No need to for any new tool installation, just plug-in the smart contract address with the corresponding blockchain and Chainbeat gets to work, giving you the most accurate, up-to-date metrics on activities that reflect the current usage statistics of the smart contract.

High-level Contextual Analytics Platform

Its hard and time consuming to get insights directly from the blockchain. Block Explorers provide transactional level information without any context. Chainbeat bridges this gap by providing high-level contextual information that directly translates how, why and when decentralized apps and protocols gets used. Chainbeat empowers everyone to do more with actionable and functional data. With real-time data insights that can help you with fast decision making to help grow your business.

You can check out this post to learn more about how we define the smart contract activity metrics within Chainbeat.

Cross-Blockchain Analytics Platform

In addition to the existing toolsets, we are introducing two new powerful tools that for the first time empower you to perform Cross-Blockchain platform comparisons all in one place.

Introducing the Chainbeat Dashboard, an intuitive analytics tool that allows Chainbeat users to create comprehensive and in-depth reports that showcase usage and activities of smart contracts across blockchain ecosystems.

Using this dashboard feature:

  • Any user can create and publish their own dashboards and it will be publicly available
  • Can cross-compare metrics between various projects within a blockchain or across blockchains
  • Enable comparisons with benchmark projects that can unlock answers to key questions such as — “How active is the network?”, “How is the network used?”, “How is the network distributed?” etc

An example dashboard that compares RIF from the RSK blockchain with CVC(Civic) from the Ethereum blockchain.

One other key tool is the Chainbeat Export feature, where you can download on-chain data slices and then use any BI tool to slice and dice the data off-chain.

Web 3.0 infrastructure is there. The time to build great decentralized applications is now. Chainbeat is there right with you providing real-time usage and behavioral metrics that can help drive adoption and growth of web 3.0 apps.

Today, we would like to invite everyone who is interested to dive deep on apps built on Ethereum and RSK blockchains to try out Chainbeat at

You can also check out a demo of Chainbeat at

We are just getting started and if you have a specific use case or question, email us at

You can follow us on Twitter at



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