Chainbreakers: Trial of Artemis
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3 min readSep 27, 2019


Artemis, goddess of the hunt, is staging a strategic trial in which the players’ Chainbreakers pets are invited to compete. Our team is very proud to unveil the PVP arena game Trial of Artemis [aka ToA].

Explaining the Game Mechanics

In a playful battle, each player sends one pet into a rectangular arena. The 3D browser game is played from a top-down perspective while each move is reflected in a smart contract transaction on the blockchain. Based on the players’ latest transaction, a individual movement cooldown is activated.

Artemis as the Greek goddess of the hunt had special powers over animals. Although she could heal mortals she could also bring terrible diseases. Her symbol was the moon and every evening she mounted her moon chariot, and drove her pure white horses across the heavens.

By consuming food distributed by the goddess Artemis, pets can gain weight which increases its cooldown duration. When two pets challenge eachother the less heavy one gets expelled from the arena.

The games’ smart contracts are going to be hosted on Matic Mainnet to enable fast-pace gameplay and low gas costs. Building the game will help our team to practically research faster gameplay mechanics on Matics’ Plasma EVM while growing the franchise towards a large audience.

We aim to release Trial of Artemis on Matic Mainnet in the end of October after balancing the game on Matic Testnet with Celestial Ring owners. We’ll keep you updated on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

Limited Pet sale alongside the ToA Release

Our artists have created 9 new [Gen1] pets of different qualities. The NFTs will be sold at the launch of Trial of Artemis. We’d like to onboard additional players to the franchise and aim to establish a market for CBP Tokens.

The pet NFTs are interoperable between multiple games of the franchise. Players can soon spawn their pets in the Decentraland metaverse and allow other players to inspect them.

Note: Gen0 pets were given out to the earliest Chainbreakers supporters this April. If you own a Decentraland access token, you can already visit the Chain Breaker museum and inspect animated Gen0 pets in 3D.

Filling the Reward Pools with Pet Sale Revenue

Our team has decided that 20% of the sales’ revenue will be channeled into the Chainbreakers reward pool. The “play-to-earn” business model that we aim to establish with our Decentraland game will vastly benefit from this initial funds. We can’t wait to see the reward dynamics in action!