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Our community has grown a lot since we’ve initially kicked-off the project. This article aims to summarize the most important aspects of Chainbreakers helping new players to catch up.

What is Chainbreakers?

Chainbreakers is a blockchain gaming franchise created by the webvr studio Qwellcode. The project was started in early 2018. During ETHBuenoAires in late May 2018, we showcased an early prototype to the Decentraland team. Our strategy-rpg should become one of the launch titles of the metaverse.

Bringing Chainbreakers to Decentraland

Our blockchain-based game launches in Decentraland and aims to be the first webVR strategy-rpg that benefits from the underlying blockchain technology by design. This includes cryptocurrency rewards that depend on the players performance in the actual gameplay.

We involve LAND investors in this game. They are going to serve their parcels to host Chainbreakers scenes in exchange for smart contract based revenue shares. This includes in-game purchases and micro-transactions that are executed by players in the hosted quest area.

When we refer to “the game” in this article, we are talking about the Decentraland launch title described above. The design process of the next Chainbreakers title has not been finished at all.

Story and Lore

Chainbreakers aims to bring deep storytelling and lore to blockchain gaming. Most blockchain-based games that have been released so far come without an actual story. We want to change that and have already started to create a credible universe which bears the potential to captivate our players.

Chainbreakers is set in Ancient Greece, during the reign of a cruel government. Players enter the world and are tasked with supporting the rebellion. Gameplay elements include gathering suppressed slaves and integrate them into the players rebel squad to lean against the tyrannic system, claiming items and loot, and forging partnerships with other rebels to embark on the most dangerous challenges in the realm.

Stories about legendary relics and powerful items in mythological dungeons get spread throughout all levels of greek society. Units are executing orders while strategic leaders systematically train of units and acquire certain items to be prepared for more ambitious quests.

Getting Started: Units and Items

In the game players send units to succeed in quests to obtain exp and loot. Doing this together with your friends is the core mechanic but the exp system in Chainbreakers is a bit different.

Each unit can be trained in 3 roles: Tank, Healer and Damage Dealer. This “multi-experience bar” approach allows players to turn playtime into valuable units. Non-fungible tokens are the perfect storage to transport these efforts.

While developing the game, we already see multi-role units in high demand because they are required by some of the most exotic quests. Those quests might require a lvl 12 “paladin” unit that is leveled in 2 roles: Heal and tank.

Early supporters are able to purchase items that can be used in the game. Those will allow an efficient leveling process and are required for anyone who wants to compete in the race for rewards. Those who decide against investing, can find weaker items in the game with which they can progress.

The crowdsale allows players to purchase powerful items for every unit level and role. The attribute distribution of those items is designed to fully comply to the quest requirements at certain points of the game.

Players can lend out their powerful items and trained units for a certain period of time. This way they can monetize their own investment by selling shortcuts to other players. Chainbreakers enables players to use their items while playing and to earn money while being busy with other things in life.

The game enables Multiplayer questing which means that players [that have friends to play with] can focus on a single role without being significantly limited in playing the game.

Uncommon items max out one particular stat exist for various levels. Rare items always combine two stats which enhance one role. Both types are available for various level ranges.

Most Items that are found during actual gameplay will have their stats distributed across implausible attributes like intellect and dexterity which results in lower utility.

In contrast to this, crowdsale items are perfectly tailored for different roles to secure future NFT value.

Tailored attribute distribution on crowdsale items

All items sold in the crowdsale are tailored to the three roles. Weapons come with level requirements while an epic armor can be equipped across the complete spectrum of unit levels (in combination with a weapon).

The level range starts at 1 and stretches up to 30, where the endgame content begins. Players can own multiple units and send them questing to proceed in the game. Each unit is equipped with two items (weapon and armor) before being sent on a quest which vastly improves the outcome of the attempt.

In Chainbreakers PVE mode, players send their units to successfully finish quests, gain experience and obtain loot. Quests require at least one unit to attend, come with a quest level and a base difficulty. Depending on the role in which a unit is send, different attributes count into the units performance.

The sum of the related attributes define the base chance to successfully finish a quest. Weapons have a higher attribute distribution than armor. In addition, quests can contain challenges that benefit from certain types of equipment.

For example a certain encounter or challenge within a quest might be easier to tackle with a “heavy armor equipped healer” or a “light armor protected damage dealer”. If the units equipment complies to the requirement, chances to successfully finish a quest increase.

First differentiation between two role attributes were inserted into the game design. Attributes like “intellect”, “dexterity” and “charism” enable active bonuses (e.g. critical strike) while “wisdom”, “tactics” and vitality” increase passive bonuses (e.g. evade).

The player’s inventory displays efficiency curves for each role calculated from the items owned by the player. It helps players to keep an overview about their items and helps when it comes to purchases. We recommend Hunting Swords for the role of choice as it is the only weapon for level 1.

One of our ideas behind Chainbreakers is to link gameplay performance to MANA rewards. Players who’ve invested into uncommon or rare weapons across the whole level spectrum and combine those with epic armor, will proceed the fastest while also earning most from the MANA reward pools.

MANA is an ERC-20 token initially distributed by Decentraland. The game and the crowdsale utilizes this token which is widely accepted on almost any notable exchange. We suggest Bancor to quickly convert ETH to MANA.

Players must continuously strategize as they assemble their squads of units, assign different units power-enhancing items, and combat with enemy armies. As players and their units earn more experience through gameplay, they gain access to higher level questing areas. The added challenges in these areas bring better loot, and higher rewards.

Each questing area possesses a dividend pool that is gradually filled with MANA. These dividends are funded by purchases made in that questing area as players buy units, upgrades, and items for their armies. The amount of MANA in each pool varies, depending on the number of players in that particular area, and how successful they are on the battlefield.

At the end of each period, a certain percentage of the dividend is set aside for the winning players currently in that questing area. Players can then collect the MANA they’ve earned.


Chainbreakers after the game has been launched

After the Decentraland game is shipped in September, our studio maintains the original Decentraland title and continues to improve the experience.

However, we will focus on the creation of an even bigger blockchain title after the Decentraland game has been launched. The next title will take place in the same universe and build up an even larger story. The same NFTs (items, units, pets and rings) are utilized by the next title of our studio.

We made this decision to push token interoperability and increase the mid- and long term value of Chainbreakers assets. Our early supporters are those who were helping us along the road to establish Chainbreakers in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Learn more about the plans of our blockchain gaming division. Don’t forget to join our Discord and become an early Chainbreakers community member.



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