Limited Community NFTs: Baby Pets
Dec 4, 2018 · 2 min read

We are very proud to finally unveil the baby pets that will accompany avatars of our early Chainbreakers community members while hanging out on the Chainbreakers parcels within the Decentraland metaverse.

All pets are hand-crafted and will be released in numbered series. The first community members that obtain a certain rank will be rewarded with these limited non-fungible tokens.

The first three tokens of each pet are very special: Depending on its number, the pet wears a gold (#1), silver (#2) or bronze (#3) medal. Every other token comes without the medal which doesn’t make it less cute.

All Purchases — including those that were already done — are counted in order of the transactions timestamps. Type “!pets” in our Discord to find out which pets will be yours and which could be yours.

The supply for each pet is listed below: First come, first served.

Full list of community pet rewards. Each rank includes all NFTs of lower ranks.

Did I miss out on the crowdsale?

As this article is getting published, the most powerful items ranging between level 1 and 28 (level 30 is max) are still available. Those rare and uncommon items vastly increase the unit leveling speed up to the endgame.

Anyone who decides to participate in the crowdsale is still privileged to acquire some cute pets. Lots of them are already assigned to community members but at least one of each pet is still available.

Learn more about our honor system or head to the official marketplace.

Update 23.03.2019

Scylla has been replaced with Cyclops due to artistic reasons. Read all the details and see Cyclops and the other 8 animated pets in action. They are all located in the VR Marketplace.


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