The Future Of Chainbreakers
Apr 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Chainbreakers will be released for Decentraland but we won’t stop at that point. Today we unveil first insights of the next Chainbreakers game and explain what players can expect from the franchise in the future.

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The Next Level of Blockchain Gaming

Recapping our World of Warcraft days, we see item trading, the auction house, “Looking for group” and of course all the adventures, raids and first kills that we’ve experienced. We want to bring this to the blockchain.

The responsive web client will work on smartphone, tablet and desktop. The game aims to bring classic MMORPG feeling to web3 powered browsers. This video contains early footage recorded from one of the development branches.

Utilizing existing Chainbreakers NFTs

Players who own items and units will be able to use those assets in the next Chainbreakers game. The players avatar is able to wear all the precious items which are still available in the current crowdsale.

Join our Discord to meet more than 1000 community members and learn more about Chainbreakers (Link at the end of this article).

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Interoperability with the Decentraland Version

All CBI tokens are inter-operable between future Chainbreakers games and the Decentraland version which our team is going to ship in September.

The first Chainbreakers game will be released as initially planned. The already announced PVP mode and an advanced PVE mode will be implemented in the next game. This way we can build more complex gameplay mechanics and reduce the constrains to the game client.

Integrating Discord for Chatrooms and Whispers

Players who have connect their Chainbreakers account to Discord will be able to chat in-game and with the whole community at the same time. This bridge allows direct messaging and multiple chat rooms. A prototype of this feature has been already implemented and guild chats are planned.

Chainbreakers Priority and Timeline

Chainbreakers is being developed by Qwellcode. A small part of the Germany-based virtual reality studio has been working in blockchain gaming for about a year now. The company has recently decided to move additional resources to gaming and accelerate the expansion of Chainbreakers.

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Releasing the stable version of Chainbreakers for Decentraland in September 2019 remains our primary priority. Additional resources should positively impact the creation. After the release of Chainbreakers for Decentraland in 6 months, the team dedicates on the main Chainbreakers title.

We are eager to grant access from early on to start the feedback loop with our community from within the game. It will take a bit to create a game of that scale. If you don’t want to wait, you can get a Celestial Ring for early access.

We’ll distribute 500 limited NFTs that are utilized as access tokens. The NFTs also grant benefits for the next game’s crowdsale. Bear in mind that some of the most precious items can still be purchased in the current CBI crowdsale.


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