Trial of Artemis and E-Sports

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5 min readNov 1, 2019


Chainbreakers: Trial of Artemis will be shipped within the next two weeks. This title allows our franchise to enter the e-sport market. We are doing the final balancing and polish the overall experience after having vastly improved the user flow thanks to portis.

Trial of Artemis aims to facilitate E-Sports

The fascination behind competitive gaming has experienced world-wide growth over the past 10 years. The most famous tournaments in Fortnite, League of Legends and Dota are viewed by millions of fans and the line between “real” sports and competitive e-sports becomes blurry.

Source: E-Sports Stadium by Steel Series on Flickr

We think that the accessibility of smart contracts and the overall modularity of dapps are going to make esports a huge topic in blockchain gaming. The internet of value opens up new ways for communities to engage with their favorite players and enables other projects to build platforms around games.

As blockchain gaming matures, we might see smart contract based betting and advertisement plattforms integrate into Trial of Artemis. We’re going to provide the required APIs and smart contract documentations to enable third party developers to engage in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

How to approach Mainstream Gaming

A group of friends have named a WoW Classic guild after the Chainbreakers franchise to support our course. The group includes OG players that have been playing in top guilds back in the vanilla WoW days. They are eager to compete in the race through latest “World of Warcraft: Classic” raid content.

The German WoW: Classic guild “Chainbreakers” gearing up while aiming for firstkills

We’re preparing certain puzzle pieces for mainstream marketing but are now mostly focused on the product. Once the overall dapp onboarding has become mainstream friendly, we’ll use the headlines of this guild to draw attention to our VC backed blockbuster title that our team will focus from 2020.

E-Sports in Blockchain Gaming

In contrast to mainstream gaming, blockchain games still represent a niche in which a couple of prominent projects push the bondaries. For Chainbreakers, one of the most important research topics in 2019 has been smart contract gameplay on layer-2: We’re starting to vastly speed up blockchain games.

This gameplay demo has been recorded from a Trial of Artemis dev branch. ToA is the first game running entirely on Matic Network. Compared with Ethereum it’s magnitudes faster and cheaper to play. As explained in the audio comment, we’re working on ways to further improve the game pace.

Competitive Game Modes and PVP Tournaments

While we’re building a pioneering dapp with Trial of Artemis, the token economy of the franchise is very important to us. After ToA is released, we’ll balance and optimize the game further according to community feedback and learnings that we gather while the game is actively played on Mainnet.

At some point we’ll introduce rankings that update every week. Those will contain the best performing players in the categories “Longest Survival”, “Most powerful Pet” and “Highest Damage”. The winners and their pets of choice will be highlighted on the official website.

One of the most important NFT conferences in 2020 even asked us to organize a Chainbreakers PVP tournament next year after they learned about Trial of Artemis. We’re very exciting and will keep you updated on this!

In the future, we are going to create official challenges for Trial of Artemis that can involve NFT rewards or token airdrops. These challenges can look totally different and are only available during certain periods of time:

- Reach 10 kills with Baby Hydra
- Gain over 1000 kilo with Baby Tortoise
- Survive longer 10 minutes or longer with Pet xyz

The reward quality for these challenges may depend on the required pet and most importantly on actual gameplay on Matic Network!

- Rene Schmidt (Project Manager)

Looking back at Chainbreakers history

Sometimes it’s important to zoom out and understand that passion and constant effort enables pioneering experiences at comparably low funds. Our VR studio got into blockchain development when we first heard about Decentraland. From there we’ve explored various games and projects.

In May 2018, during ETHBuenosAires, we showcased Chainbreakers to the Decentraland team and met our friends at Matic Network. It was this special conference where the real journey began. I still remember our dinner where Jaynti Kanani outlined his idea of a very special plasma implementation.

Our team decided to stay in touch with him and met multiple times during more than 10 conferences we’ve attended. While building the Chainbreakers game for Decentraland our teams explored layer-2 gaming. One year later, in summer 2019, we’ve launched the beta of the DCL game on Matic Testnet.

Trial of Artemis and the Exclusive NFT Sale

Out of these learnings grew Trial of Artemis. It’s the first stand-alone game of the Chainbreakers franchise and the first game on Matic Network ever. The crowdsale with a very exclusive supply of 630 NFTs and started yesterday and the first 210 NFTs can be only purchased until tomorrow.

To play Trial of Artemis, you’ll need a Chainbreakers Pet which are currently sold in the Trial of Artemis Crowdsale. Trial of Artemis will be free to play thanks to gas relay technology. The low gas fees will be covered by the reward contract as we transfer 20% of the crowdsale revenue to the contract.

Chainbreakers Pets in other Games

We’ve seen a lot of progress at Decentraland over the past months. Not only their SDK has become more capable and easier to use but also the world is getting filled with content. Chainbreakers players and Decentraland users that own Chainbreakers Pets, can show them to their friends in the metaverse.

The Chainbreakers franchise is very open to establish partnerships with other studios and would love to see implementations into other blockchain projects. Adding more utility to Chainbreakers tokens is a high priority. APIs that were created for the DCL game will be released to third party developers soon.