Update: Quest Areas and Reward Pools

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3 min readJun 28, 2019


Today we unveil more details about the first two Chainbreakers quest areas in Decentraland. The “Forest of Solace” and the “Town of Edgewelter” will come with the lowest level requirements in the launch title.

These places will most likely be visited by many players and Decentraland users. However, only those who own a Celestial Ring will be able to play during the Chainbreakers Closed Beta: Get ready before July 18th.

The Forest of Solace

As the first glimpse of freedom for many slaves, the forest of Solace inspires hope for the future to many who visit. A multitude of small settlements have established themselves within its trees, as the peace and solitude is enough for many after such a perilous journey.

Shots taken in Blender. Poly-count and texture resolution remain the same.

The Town of Edgewelter

Edgewelter acts as a buffer between the serene forests to those lands beyond. Bordering the Burning Sands, this town works to promote trade between outside merchants and the peaceful folks inhabiting the Forest of Solace.

Here you will find many shops and craftsmen who can provide the basic necessities for most average customers. Work can easily be found here, whether it involves gathering materials for trade or working the forge to create new items.

Shots taken in Blender. Poly-count and texture resolution remain the same.

Channeling 2nd Market Fees into Reward Pools

We’ve already linked an Ethereum address to the Chainbreakers OpenSea store front. Until the launch of the Decentraland title in late September on Matic, the full 2nd market fee (2.5%) is channeled to that Ethereum address.

Once the Chainbreakers smart contracts are deployed to Matic Mainnet, we’ll split those funds to multiple reward pools. You can inspect the pre-release pool address here: https://etherscan.io/address/cb-rewards.eth