Why we chose Matic Network over other Layer2 solutions

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5 min readMay 29, 2019


Today we explain in detail why we’ve chosen Matic to tackle scalability. The project will be lay the foundation of Chainbreakers’ tech stack and helps our team to create the next generation of trust-less blockchain gaming.

How does Matic Network affect Chainbreakers?

Matic offers second level scalability that allows our game the fast and secure execution of smart contract functions. Gameplay calculated on the Ethereum main net takes 30 seconds or even minutes per action. With Matic Network, our players can experience actions being calculated within less than a second.

This enables gameplay that feels like conventional gaming. Imagine gameplay similar to MOBAs or MMOs where players actually select targets and attack with abilities. Compared to current smart contract based blockchain gaming, this really makes a difference.

Trading, auctioning and selling NFTs will work similar to games like Diablo 2 or World of Warcraft. The big difference: The user-friendly GUI connects to smart contracts executed from the Matic plasma evm — a cryptographically secure blockchain connected to Ethereum mainnet.

At Chainbreakers we are convinced that trust-less gameplay based on smart contracts is essential as crypto rewards and digital economies come into play. Only having the assets on the blockchain but running the logic on centralized systems is not viable for monetization models that we call “invest-to-earn”.

What makes Matic Network special?

The Ethereum ecosystem already provides good sidechain solutions. Most products allow dapp developers to attach a sidechain to their project allowing players to interact faster with dapps and assets compared to the default situation where the smart contract code is executed from Ethereum main net.

Compared to those solutions where each dapp is connected to a separate sidechain, Matic Network provides a single public sidechain. All dapps deploy their smart contracts to this public sidechain which enables the same kind of token interoperability as the Ethereum main net does by design.

Let’s assume Chainbreakers and OpenSea have deployed their contracts to Matic Network. Players will walk inside an auction house where they are able to purchase items from others or sell their own gear.

We can utilize the OpenSea smart contracts similar as if the whole software is executed on main net — There is no additional coding required.

In Chainbreakers, users will be able to utilize all items and currencies that are not stored in their stash. When a player moves tokens from their stash to their inventory, they are actually moving them from Ethereum main net to Matic which is only one element of user experience that we aim to deliver.

If you’d like to understand the technology, we highly recommend you to read the article recently published by Matic CEO Jaynti Kanani. In his blog post, JD explains the benefits of a evm compatible public PoS sidechain more detailed.

The Final Roadmap of the Decentraland Title

We’ve recently synced our final development roadmap for the first game of the Chainbreakers franchise with Matic and Decentraland. Most of our existing code with version 6.1 of the SDK. The implementation of animations and the overall graphical user interfaces (GUI) will be vastly improved.

Our team is working on a library that our scene developers can include in all Chainbreakers quest areas to build virtual worlds and interfaces more quickly. This existing project will be heavily improved with the upcoming SDK version. More detailed information about the roadmap will be unveiled soon.

You can experience an older tech demo at https://vr-market.chainbreakers.io which does not reflect the current state of our code base anymore. We aim to release the beta in July while the stable game can be expected in September.

Keep in mind that our final user interfaces have not been released at all. You can expect proper graphical interfaces [instead of simple text and buttons] in various places of the world. These interfaces allow players to interact with npcs, units, items, pets, quests and execute gameplay related web3 functions.

What happens beside the Decentraland Game

Not everyone at Qwellcode is working on the Decentraland title. Behind close curtains, our team has started to raise a $2 million seed round to fund the development of a large Chainbreakers title we’ve already announced. With our partners at Matic we’ll introduce real MMO elements to smart contracts.

A part of our team is currently working on a first prototype to show potential investors and our community that we’re serious about the vision explained in meetings. The demo includes web3 calls which results are reflected in 2D and 3D. Players can see each other and are able to use an in-game Discord to chat.

Pets with Mint Numbers 3 and lower come with a special medal

Everyone who owns a Celestial Ring will be able to try this version as soon as it is published. The graphical user interface is still a relic from the first version that we’ve showcased during ETHBuenosAires in 2018 and will be completely revamped towards a MMO GUI that gamers are used to.

Working running animations when the player is moving around the world

At this point, it’s already possible to equip your items and spawn pets that follow you around in the world. The team is currently connecting Discord and integrates first NPCs that give an interactive introduction to Chainbreakers. We are also improving web3 loading times to display items and pets faster.

Btw: Everyone who owns a Pristine Unit has a different Character model. This is just another demonstration of a possible NFT integration and doesn’t reflect the look of future player avatars.

Our latest video already shows some moving pictures. Recorded from a developer branch in Chrome Browser

Participate in our Give-Away Marathon

We are hosting a big give-away with Matic to celebrate the end of our crowdsale on May 31st. Everyone who participates before our crowdsale finally closes, can get a free Chainbreakers item and have the chance to be included in the additional $1000 give-away in MATIC tokens.

Item winners are announced daily on our Discord. The 20 lucky winners who each receive $50 in MATIC will be announced after the event has ended. Read all the details in our recent article.