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[Announcement] Chainflix Open Beta

Chainflix team is finally ready to release Open Beta!

Chainflix ended ‘closed beta’ and released ‘open beta’ on January 20, 2020.

Visit open beta here

Why participate in Open Beta?

5% of all CFX test coins, that users earn during open beta,
will be airdropped as real coins once the platform officially launches!

What is new?

  • Chainflix app available on Google Play Store. Download here
  • Possible to log in with a Google/Naver/Kakao accounts.
  • Added verification methods (PIN code and Google OTP) for better security.
  • Various bugs, discovered during the closed beta, fixed for a smooth user experience.

Please Note!

  • Coins earned during closed beta will be reset and no longer available.
  • The duration of open beta will be announced later.

Chainflix thanks all participants of closed beta. Thank you for your support!

Chainflix is a revolutionary blockchain-based P2P streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to monetize their time, contents, and efforts.

Follow Chainflix on our official channels for the latest updates!

Telegram / Kakaotalk / Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram / Twitter



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