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CHAINFLIX Meetup 2020.01.10

Chainflix organized its first meetup of 2020 in Seoul, South Korea.

Chainflix’s Business Advisor Yeong-eon Kim welcomed the audience and briefly talked about the meetup’s agenda which included presentations and a Q&A session.

Jeong-seok Oh with Yeong-eon Kim

Chainflix’s CEO Jeong-seok Oh introduced the platform to audience. Jeong-seok gave a detailed presentation on all aspects of the project. After presentation about Chainflix, Jeong-seok showcased the platform by demonstrating how it works. Audience got to see the most up to date version of the platform.

Jeong-seok while presenting

After a brief break, a Vice-President of IFREE1 Young-teak Hwang gave a short presentation about the service. IFREE1 is a free WiFi provider at certain public places in South Korea. In order to use free WiFi, customers are required to watch ads first. IFREE1 plans to add Chainflix to its homepage, and all customers using free WiFi will be exposed to Chainflix. Once integrated, it will be great opportunity for Chainflix to promote itself to general public.

Young-taek while presenting

During Q&A session, Jeong-seok answered questions from the audience. Once the meetup was over, everyone got together for a group photo.

Group Picture

First meetup of 2020 was a success and Chainflix plans to organize a lot more meetups this year!

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