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CHAINFLIX’s CEO Jeong-seok Oh visited Vietnam with a goal of promoting the platform and forming meaningful alliances.

Vietnam loves video sharing sites. In fact Vietnam is among the five biggest global markets for YouTube. Thus, promoting CHAINFLIX platform to Vietnamese audience is a must. Jeong-seok had a busy schedule from October 18–21, 2019.

Jeong-seok met with Nguyen Quoc Hung who is a very influential person and a director of well known Vietnamese company ‘VN One JSG’. CHAINFLIX signed an MOU with ‘VN One JSC’ which will help to promote the platform in many ways. Nguyen Quoc Hung has many connections with various industries in Vietnam. For example, the potential of putting CHAINFLIX on Vietnamese market-leading messaging app ‘Zalo’ (over 100 million downloads on Google play) was discussed. Such a big exposure would mean a lot to CHAINFLIX.

Jeong-seok after signing an MOU with Nguyen Quoc Hung (on the left)

Jeong-seok met representatives of Vietnamese broadcasting companies of ‘HTV’ and ‘VTH’. These companies produce a lot of video contents, and even have purchased rights to produce films from South Korean media companies. ‘HTV’ and ‘VTH’ are considering building their own version of ‘Netflix’. That is why this meeting was very crucial for CHAINFLIX. The possibility of sharing contents on CHAINFLIX platform instead of building their own was discussed.

Jeong-seok with HTV and VTH representatives

Jeong-seok met with Vietnamese Youtubers and explained how CHAINFLIX works. Many of them were very new to the Blockchain industry, but nevertheless showed a great interest in the project. At the end of the presentation, all of the attended Youtubers showed their willingness to share their own contents on CHAINFLIX once the platform goes live.

Jeong-seok with local Youtubers

Jeong-seok also attended ‘All Together Asia’ Business event which was hosted to show the friendship of South Korea and Vietnam. This event was a great opportunity for Korean companies to reach Vietnamese youth. “All Together Asia’ also included a concert where K-pop artists performed gathering a big audience. Although, this event was not a Blockchain event, it gave CHAINFLIX a chance to expose itself.

CHAINFLIX’s trip to Vietnam was a great success. Follow CHAINFLIX on Social Media to stay up to date!

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