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(Update) Additional features and adjustments.

Chainflix has successfully completed system maintenance. The following changes were made to the platform to provide better user experience.

1. Reduction of CFX Total Supply

As we are preparing for the official launch of the platform, Chainflix team has made the decision to reduce the total supply of tokens from 10 billion to 5 billion tokens. While the total supply reduces, the token distribution ratio will remain same.

  • Changes will be immediately effective on June 25, 2020 and will also apply retroactively to CFX set aside for airdrop event. Therefore, 10% of test coins, which will be airdropped as real coins when the platform officially launches, will be reduced to 5%.
  • This change only affects the total supply of CFX, current holdings of CFX will be unaffected.
  • Block compensation of 180 CFX will remain the same during the Open Beta period.

2. Chainflix Info page

To help newcomers understand Chainflix’s service and platform, we have added a new information page. A service guide page has been added to help newcomers understand how Chainflix works. To access the Chainflix Info page:

- Website: Go to Homepage side bar > Chainflix Info
- Mobile app: Go to My page > Chainflix Info

3. Temporary suspension of referral program and Nickname policy change

Referral program will be temporarily suspended for functional upgrades. Therefore, referrer registration mode will be temporarily excluded from the ‘Account Settings’.

To provide a seamless referral system, the nickname policy has been accordingly changed. From now, users can change their nicknames every thirty days. When the nickname changes, the particular nickname can no longer be used as a referral code.

4. Simplified account termination

Previously, users were not able to delete their accounts if it had any CFX balance. From now on, users can delete their accounts regardless of the CFX balance.

*Once an account is terminated, all CFX coin balance will be permanently lost and account cannot be recovered.

5. UI improvements and bug fixes.

Chainflix team is consistently making changes to the platform to provide the best user experience. We have made some design updates as well as bug fixes.

If you encounter any issue, please contact us by going to [Help Center > Contact us]

Chainflix team will continue to do its best to provide you with the best service possible!

※ Mobile users must update their Chainflix app for the updates. The system changes will not be applied unless the app is updated to the most recent version.

(Chainflix is not responsible for any issues caused by not updating the app.)

Chainflix is a revolutionary blockchain-based P2P streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to monetize their time, contents, and efforts.

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