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(Update) Daily upload limit, Referral program, and more.

Chainflix has successfully completed system maintenance. The following changes were made to the platform to provide better user experience.

  • Daily upload limit

More and more videos that may be infringing somebody’s copyright or low effort videos are being uploaded on Chainflix.

In order to prevent this issue, the daily upload limit has been applied with a goal of increasing the number of high-quality contents on the platform. From now on creators can upload:

4 free uploads per day (Additional uploads cost 100CFX per video)

(On additional uploads, small portion of coins will be burned and the rest will be given as dividends to users who stake coins.)

  • Referral program

Chainflix prepared a simple referral program that is designed to reward referrers. The program is very simple: referrers receive 30CFX whenever someone registers them as a referrer.

● Current users can register a referrer by going to:
- Website: Settings > Account > Referrer registration
- Mobile app: My page > Settings > Account > Referrer registration

● New users can register a referrer right after signing up and completing phone verification.

Please note that both referrer and referee must complete phone verification and only one referrer can be registered.

What are you waiting for? Ask someone to register you as a referrer and receive 30CFX!

  • Reporting infringement of rights

Chainflix’s reporting function became more advanced. When reporting videos that infringe somebody’s copyright, now its possible to include detailed explanations and attach supporting documents.

(Infringement of copyrights is dealt in accordance with the Copyright Act of South Korea.)

* Upon receipt of a report, Chainflix will investigate and decide whether or not the video should be removed. If the video gets removed, uploader can file a counter notice within 30 days. If the counter notice is not filled, the removed video cannot be restored and the uploader will be subject to Chainflix penalties. Chainflix strives to create a fair and pleasant environment for all members.
(For more information, go to Help Center> Policies > Copyright Policy.)

  • Policy violation

Recently, more and more members are being penalized for violating Chainflix’s Terms of Service.

In order to improve the current system, policies regarding the violations were further subdivided and standardized.

From now on, members who violate Chainflix’s policies will be subject to penalties (depending on the violation) such as warning, suspension, or permanent suspension.
(For more information, go to Help Center> Policies > Policy violation.)

Chainflix team will continue to do its best to provide you with the best service possible!

Chainflix is a revolutionary blockchain-based P2P streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to monetize their time, contents, and efforts.

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