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(Update) FLIXER System & new daily upload limit

Chainflix has successfully completed system maintenance. The following changes were made to the platform to provide better user experience.

1. FLIXER system

At the request of many active creators at Chainflix, we are excited to introduce the FLIXER system!

If you have been keeping videos because of upload restrictions, now it’s your time to shine!

What is FLIXER?

FLIXER is a creator who, among other creators on platform, is verified by Chainflix.

If you are a content creator of various video platforms, apply to become a FLIXER!

Why become a FLIXER?

Note: Regular channels have a daily upload limit of 3 videos.
(Max file size per upload: 500MB and under 15 minutes in length)

How to apply?

1. Click on “Become a FLIXER” banner on homepage.
2. Read through the page and fill out the application form.
3. Submit the application and wait for the results.

Please note!

2. FLIXER event: “Spread the word!”

Get referral rewards by telling your friends about FLIXER!

How to participate?

1. Tell creators, that you know, about Chainflix and FLIXER.
2. When applying for FLIXER, invited creators need to enter your nickname.
3. If invited creator is selected as FLIXER, you will get 5,000 CFX!

Whenever invited creators are selected as FLIXER, you will receive referral reward, so you can get multiple rewards the more you “spread the word!”

Please note!

3. Daily upload limit change

With the introduction of FLIXER system, the daily upload limit has been changed for regular channels.

Previously, creators could upload 4 free uploads per day and additional uploads required 100CFX per video.

From now on, creators of regular channels can upload only 3 videos per day. Additional uploads are no longer possible.

If you are selected as a FLIXER, you can upload bigger video files with no daily limits! Apply to become a FLIXER!

Chainflix team will continue to do its best to provide you with the best service possible!

Chainflix is a revolutionary blockchain-based P2P streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to monetize their time, contents, and efforts.

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