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ChainFront Developers is Now Live!

The ChainFront Developers site is now live at Developers can go there to register, create accounts, and get instructions on how to create their API key. The ChainFront API documentation also includes examples of code and a Getting Started guide. The API is currently offered as a 60 day free trial; please contact us directly for pricing information; we will have “startup/hobbyist” level pricing.

As stated in our press release announcing the launch, our vision at ChainFront is to enable mass adoption and usage of blockchain technologies, by killing the on-device wallet. Working through the implementation of several stealth blockchain projects, we quickly came to the conclusion that mainstream users were never going to want to manage their own bank or security.

As described in our Introducing ChainFront post, instead of individual blockchain wallets, our solution instead uses a cloud-based code loading virtual hardware security module (built on Vault by Hashicorp). Private keys are created and used inside the secure enclave, and are never transmitted outside of it. Developers can use the ChainFront API to create blockchain accounts, execute complex transactions, and integrate multifactor authentication — either TOTP or Authy.

End users transact with the system via user name, password, and mfa; the same method used by Coinbase to great success. Developers do not need to select or build wallet solutions, nor instruct users on backup procedures nor conduct security audits (think B2B) of their network participants.

The API today works for the Stellar blockchain. Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and various permissioned blockchains are coming soon. Also, look out for ChainFront SDKs to start showing up in our GitHub repository. As always please contact us with contacts or questions!

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We opensourced ChainFront as of 9/2019:

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