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ChainFront Developers Now Live For XRP Ledger and Ethereum

ChainFront now supports XRP Ledger and Ethereum, to go along with the Stellar blockchain. Go now to register, create accounts, and get instructions on how to get an API key. The ChainFront API documentation also includes examples of code and a Getting Started guide.

XRP Ledger is at the forefront of blockchain development, with some of the fastest transaction times enabling real applications. We expect XRP Ledger to be one of the first public blockchains to go mainstream. Despite Ethereum’s well known challenges, there is a plethora of top developers and capital working on real applications against that blockchain. ChainFront’s API as a Service can now enable these XRP and Ethereum developers to fast track development while driving usability.

Developers can use the ChainFront API as a Service to create accounts, fund those accounts, execute multisig transactions and invoke contracts in Ethereum’s case. Private keys are created inside our secure enclave, and all transactions are signed inside that enclave — private keys are never transmitted across the internet. Our integration with various multifactor authentication methods means end users still maintain ultimate control and security on transactions. Developers do not need to select or build wallet solutions, nor instruct users on backup procedures nor conduct security audits (think B2B) of their network participants.

At ChainFront, we do not believe that end users want to manage their own bank or security — and the only way that blockchain technologies scale is we remove this hurdle from mainstream adoption. The recent furor over the disappearance of private keys with the demise (or disappearance) of the CEO of Quadrigacx shows the danger of relying on any kind of locally-held, on-device private key storage.

With ChainFront, backing up keys and needing to keep track of an on-device wallet is completely removed from the equation and developers can create secure, simple user experiences. Private keys are created within the secure area and never transmitted elsewhere. ChainFront utilizes Vault by HashiCorp as a virtual Hardware Security Module. Vault is a secret key management and data protection tool which offers code-loading support, and powers all of the cryptographic operations in the ChainFront platform. The service is deployed in private subnets of Amazon Web Services (AWS), unreachable via the public internet, using the AWS security model. This security model provides confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability, and authentication. AWS also provides multi-regional backups and redundancy. FIPS 140–2 compliance is available.

We’re always looking for feedback — please sign up and let us know what you think.

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We opensourced ChainFront as of 9/2019:

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