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ChainSafe Systems is proud to share with you a few projects we have been working on over the past couple months. This weekend we hosted our first internal hackathon, where the objective was to contribute to any of the below open source projects.

1- eth-local:

The purpose of eth-local is to offer a standardized way to store your keystore files on your local machine. eth-local’s final objective is to provide a cli and npm module to allow local ethereum keystores to sign transactions within a web browser. Our intention is to allow users to interact with DApps without a browser extension.

2- lodestar chain:

The goal of this project is to provide an alternative implementation of the beacon chain that was recently announced by the Ethereum Core dev team. As even the Ethereum Core dev team doesn’t know how the finalized beacon chain will be implemented, this is our contribution to the effort of transitioning Ethereum from a PoW blockchain to a PoS blockchain.

3- WeiPay:

An open source cryptocurrency wallet available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. WeiPay will support Ethereum out of the box with added support for ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin. The goal of the project is to eventually offer complete smart contract interactivity.

4- Multi Directional Bridge:

This is a go implementation of a generic bridge between blockchains. The bridge will be able to connect any two networks using native fuel or any token. The end goal is to allow users to create a bridge interface between whatever blockchains necessary through a config file.

5- denode:

Lastly, the only project that was not worked on during the hackathon; full nodes are needed to broadcast transactions to the ethereum network. If someone wishes to interact with the network, but doesn’t want to run a full node, they would usually connect to the network through centralized providers (eg. infura). Currently, there is not much incentive to run a full node. We wish to create a decentralized incentive for running full nodes.

Please visit the links and contribute to these projects however you can. It is our intention to work with the ethereum community to bring these projects to reality!