Community update July 2018

Daniël den Boer
Jul 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Chaintip is not just another cryptocurrency exchange. With Chaintip we strive to be more, we strive to create the future of capital markets as we believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform our current financial system. Nobody knows exactly what that future of cryptocurrencies will look like, but as Abraham Lincoln once said “the best way to predict the future, is to create it”, and we have been creating.

There is a lot of innovation taking place in the cryptocurrency industry. Unfortunately, most startups and companies only solve part of the equation, while very few all-in solutions exist. The result is a fragmentation of knowledge and an increasing barrier to integrate with the traditional financial sector, creating a huge gap with the cryptocurrency industry. This gap is the result of ignorance, conservatism and prejudices from both sides. The financial sector can take a giant leap forward by making use of the knowledge and experience from the cryptocurrency industry. Conversely though, the cryptocurrency industry has a lot to learn from the decades of experience in the traditional financial sector.

A new financial ecosystem!

In order to truly bridge the traditional financial sector, we need to build a new ecosystem in which all required components are integrated to facilitate the capital markets of the future, consisting of several familiar, trusted financial institutes. Some of which will have comparable roles and some that will acquire completely new roles. The creation of this ecosystem is of crucial importance to create a high level of trust and compliance that this industry needs.

We share this vision with Liqwith, an innovative Dutch company. They have developed a legal framework to legally issue security tokens, which we believe are the future of ICO’s. This means that you can become a shareholder in the companies that they guide in their tokenization.

Together we have taken the initiative to create a Dutch ecosystem to create the future of capital markets by bringing together different parties with proven expertise and knowledge in their particular domain. We have had a lot of talks with all participants running up to the event that was held the 29th of June to create the future of capital markets, based on crypto, blockchain technology and tokenized securities. This is the ultimate link for the traditional financial industry and the crytocurrency industry! The kick-off of was a big success and all participants have expressed their enthusiasm and have indicated they are willing to commit themselves to the creation of this ecosystem. We have published a position paper on our website regarding our vision about the future of capital markets and an evaluation of the kick-off event of the 29th of June. Here are some pictures!

‘Food’ for thought
Fruitful Brainstorms
A lot of great discussions! More pictures in the position paper!

Development Update

Time and time again crypto exchanges suffer from hacks. Just recently, both Bithumb and Coinrail were added to the list of hacked exchanges. The list is ever growing, reiterating the need for a safe alternative. This simply has to stop, which is why we have been focusing heavily on getting the best possible product out there for you to safely and securely exchange your assets, while still enjoying the perks of a centralized exchange: high-performance, low latency, high throughput, volume and liquidity!

We are happy to inform you that we have made a lot of progress on that front. We have just finished our proof-of-concept which we demoed on the 29th of June demonstrating the technological feasibility of our state-of-the-art exchange technology.

Other news

Listen to Herman Vissia, CEO of Liquid, explain our shared vision of the tokenization of companies in the Netherlands and the pivotal role that Chaintip will fulfill in bringing liquidity to every small and medium-sized enterprise on BNR Newsradio’s podcast Cryptocast. The podcast is in Dutch.

A great atmosphere stimulates creativity and boosts productivity. Our office building just got an upgrade in that regard with the opening of the Skybar where we meet entrepreneurs of all kinds for friday drinks and welcome any future employees of Chaintip.

Our mission is to build trust in exchanging crypto assets…